NDA - Fintech application for investment portfolios

For an unspecified company (NDA), we created a new modern web application for managing clients and their portfolios within personal investments.


It is a complex application that includes three different views - client's view, view of a consultant and view of the administrator.


The client can fill in completely dynamic investment questionnaire in the application. Based on the client answers, consultant can recommend specific steps or even specific investment funds. Client also has the opportunity to use the built-in calculator and calculate how his investment will develop over time according to the specified criteria and the selected risk profile. Furthermore, the client can monitor the development of their investments in the application, compare and study individual investment funds, and also enter investment instructions for their advisors. Within profile, the client can generate a modern graphical overview in PDF.


The consultant has access to an overview of all his clients from the application. For each client, consultant can observe the details of the development of client's portfolio, process their investment instructions and offer other investment tools. At the same time, consultant can provide new clients with an investment questionnaire to fill out. Results from the questionnaire can be seen immediately after completion. Based on results, consultant can plan and discuss client's subsequent investment strategy.


An administrator exists for the technical management of the application. Administrator provides updates on investment funds, source data, and other files.

The application is data-connected to the Moventum investment platform, which contains over 5,500 funds from more than 450 national or international companies. As part of the connection, information on the performance of portfolios is downloaded for clients, as well as information on the funds themselves.

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