TypeScript Development

TypeScript/Node.js is the primary platform on which we build projects. It is suitable not only for small but also for huge projects thanks to its high scalability. All our teams have extensive knowledge and experience with it's development and have worked on dozens of projects.

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TypeScript Development
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Reasons to Hire our TypeScript Developers

TypeScript Development

Hire Coordinated Managed Teams

Our TypeScript teams were a part of many challenging projects. Hire managed teams including a team leader and leverage their coordinated skills.

TypeScript Development

Hire Single Developers

If you are not interested in our teams, you can also hire just single TypeScript developers. We call this service outstaffing.

TypeScript Development

Experience Across Different Fields

Moravio cooperated with many industries. Every industry has its specific features. Having the experience, our teams are able to speak your language.

TypeScript Development

Start Tomorrow

You don't need to build your internal organisation. Hire our team of developers for the project and replace us with internal staff later.

TypeScript Development

Design -> Develop -> Support

You don't need to have technical knowledge to work with us. We have product managers and designers who will help you to prepare backlog for our developers.

TypeScript Development

Expand Your Developer Capacities

Do you have technical staff already? Great! Cooperate with us in co-development model and hire another team to scale fast.

Hire Typescript Developers

Searching for TypeScript development services for your company or business entity, well you've landed in the right place! At Moravio we're the experts in web and mobile application development services and TypeScript technologies. Our TypeScript development company is here to connect you with a dedicated project manager, experienced TypeScript engineer, and whoever else you may need to make all your development dreams a reality. Moravio excels at tailoring web development to suit individual clients in any type of industry. With us, you can hire TypeScript developers who move with you. So why TypeScript, and why Moravio, Read on to discover why we've become the trusted consultants, developers, and software engineers for some of the world's best-known brands, as well as countless smaller places looking to scale their enterprises.

Table of Contents

What is TypeScript?

Why hire Moravio?

Why not hire freelancers?

The Moravio difference


What is TypeScript?

At Moravio we chose TypeScript as the primary platform on which to build our projects, as it's light, coherent, and highly flexible. Its scalability renders TypeScript suitable for projects across a diverse range of industries, from the very small, to the very large. As an open-source language for both front and back-end programming, this JavaScript extension is unique in its ability to adapt, functioning without the need for compatibility with the environment it's in. TypeScript is therefore a strong enterprise solution, and one that's flexible and modern. Recent comparative analysis comparative analysis between TypeScript and JavaScript, suggest a confirmation of TypeScript's superiority for projects involving high domain complexity, as it exhibits better code quality and understandability.

Hire TypeScript Developers with Moravio.

Moravio is an international TypeScript web development company with distinction. We have over ten years of experience delivering high-quality digital services across a variety of industries, handling and executing all aspects of development, product design, and marketing. So whether your business is looking for a single hire TypeScript engineer for software development, or to find TypeScript team services to fully design, manage, and deliver on an extensive range of web and mobile applications, Moravio is here to tailor to your needs. Employing over forty-five professionals across three countries, Moravio has extensive experience adapting TypeScript and other related technologies, such as Node, JS, Google Cloud, React, and Kubernetes, to individual projects for international clients from a variety of private and public spheres. Moravio has showcased its talents in the transportation, tourism, ecommerce, journalism, and performing arts sectors. We have also worked for various Start-Ups, for Sports and Leisure centers, and in the realms of virtual reality, 3D animation and printing.

Smarter Alternatives to Hiring Freelance Typescript developers.

With the recent boom in the number of available freelance TypeScript developers, it may be tempting to outsource your firm's development needs to an individual contractor. While there's certainly a lot of talent circulating in the gig economy, there's also potential disadvantages in choosing to hire TypeScript freelancer over engaging with a reputable and experienced industry leading firm, such as Moravio. Typically a freelance TypeScript developer will only work on a limited number of jobs, in fact studies suggest three as the average number of jobs a freelancer will engage with annually. With a 61% majority of freelancers admitting they work independently by choice, a decision to hire TypeScript developers who work alone may see your company missing out on the innovation, cross-referencing accuracy, and attention to detail and completion, that accompanies the collaborative efforts of a Moravio team. Morever, with statistics revealing half of all freelancers fall into the relatively young 18-22 age bracket, it's highly possible that a hire TypeScript contractor may lack the development experience that accompanies time spent in the industry. Moavio is a TypeScript agency that helps remove any guesswork and uncertainty out of development hire, providing our clients with security, valuable experience, and value for money, in their efforts to hire remote TypeScript developers.

Dedication and delivery with remote TypeScript developers

With Moravio on board, you won't risk the burden of communication delays, language barriers, lack of control over the time allocated to your job, or risks of your company's original ideas being appropriated for other means. While the company works mostly remotely, in order to connect you with the best people for the job, we manage our jobs As things are often best described in terms of what they can achieve, here's some of the divers projects that Moravio has delivered using TypeScript, in conjunction with other technologies, and of which we're very proud.

  • Search and book portal for accommodation stays;
  • Streaming and live class platform with membership and community features;
  • Weather module for top news portal;
  • Mail delivery platform;
  • Auction portal with real-time auctions.

Moravio's TypeScript engineer advantage FAQs

We have in-house development, should we hire TypeScript programmer?

Yes, even if your company has dedicated developer staff, you'll want to explore hire TypeScript developer options when you're ready for scalable solutions to your current software and applications.

Our company is in technical debt, is there a way out?

Yes, whether you've underinvested in software development, or are outgrowing your current infrastructure, Moravio has a rework solution for all your future development needs.

Do we need in-house technical knowledge to work with developers?

No, at Moravio we have project managers and designers dedicated to understanding your needs, no matter what language you speak, or what industry you specialize in.

Our firm already has staff with development know-how, can we collaborate?

Yes, absolutely, Moravio exists to help realize your company's vision, and collaboration as part of our co-development model is always welcome.

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    What is TypeScript?

TypeScript extends JavaScript by adding types. It runs anywhere JavaScript runs. Fully open-source.

Development in TypeScript

TypeScript is an open-source programming language that is suitable for use in both front-end and back-end programming. This is a JavaScript extension in which the compatibility of the environment does not have to be addressed. TypeScript is a product of Microsoft and its pilot testing projects include Xbox Music, Office Web Apps, Office 365. **TypeScript is also used by Adobe, Slack, Asana and Lyft, for example**.

TypeScript development services and Moravio

We have extensive experience with TypeScript. We currently use TypeScript mainly as part of co-development service on an international project with a microservice architecture. TypeScript drives the backend API here, communicates with Dialogflow. The whole project runs in Google Cloud in Kubernetes.

Why did we choose TypeScript in Moravio?

We perceive TypeScript as a strong enterprise solution, which also offers the lightness and flexibility of modern approaches to programming (prototyping, agile development). It has the advantages of the Java programming language, but it is clearer, simpler and without unnecessary ballast.

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