We've delivered hundreds of successful projects in various industries.

Logo: Stardio

Stardio - Live Fitness Platform

#product development

Stardio.com is an online platform for a live streaming of fitness classes. Trainers design lessons, invite an audience and broadcast workouts live. Members can subscribe to the lessons of their choice.

Logo: JLL

JET - Artificial Intelligent Business Assistant

#product development
#real estate

JET is your personal AI assistant. Imagine having Siri or Google Assistant at your workplace. Book desks, rooms, schedule meetings, ask about colleagues. You can do all that and more just by asking JET.


Frontend Development for Veterinary Protocol Platform


VCPR.ORG is developing a platform to help veterinarians and their clients create, prescribe, and monitor animal treatment protocols.

Logo: NDA

Custom Web Application: Exploring Performance Management Systems

We developed a custom web application for our client from United Kingdom to manage their employee performance. The main thing this application helps with is improving and accelerating the development and growth of the company's managers' skills.

Logo: NDA

Progressive Medical Startup from the UK and Development of Custom Web ...

What would you say if you didn't necessarily need to physically go to the doctor for certain things, but it would be enough to meet online for a pre-arranged consultation? Discuss everything you need and then get a full service including delivery of ...

Logo: NDA

Custom AI-powered CRM SaaS Web Application development

We have created a powerful and modern custom CRM SaaS web application. And we made it even smarter. Apart from many new practical features and various automation, we can't even talk about, it can, for example, use a smart AI assistant working with Ch...

Logo: NDA

Vector Based Map Editor to Create Beautiful Maps

Thanks to this map application/editor, the client has a powerful tool in his hands with which he can prepare almost any interactive map background for indoor and outdoor events.

Logo: NDA

Custom Web Application for Data Management and Delivery: Digital Trans...

Facts matter! That's the slogan of our client in America - an organization whose goal is to provide all Americans with free, truthful, fact-based information about their country's candidates or elected officials. To continue to provide this informati...

Logo: Moravio

Eagle: Your AI-Powered Business Assistant


Unveiling Eagle, Moravio's new face of Artificial Intelligence for Business. A business assistant enriched with ChatGPT and seamlessly integrated with Slack, Eagle uses SQL queries to delve into data, providing valuable insights and propelling improv...

Logo: Economia

Weather Module for Top Czech News Portal


For portals Centrum.cz, Aktuálně.cz, Atlas.cz and Volny.cz we have created the Weather application.

Logo: NDA

Innovative Online Booking Platform


Specializing in the hospitality and wellness industry, our client leverages cutting-edge booking app development to offer streamlined and efficient reservation services for wellness retreats globally.

Logo: JLL

Portscape - Portfolio Management System

#real estate

Moravio, in partnership with JLL, developed an application to help commercial real estate brokers manage and track properties and leases. Our team was responsible for the software design, technical leadership, and programming of the application, whic...

Logo: JLL

Space - Office Space Planner

#real estate

Moravio successfully developed a software solution, "Space", for JLL, a global commercial real estate services company. The project aimed to optimize the allocation of tables to departments in the office, maximizing space utilization while preserving...

Logo: JLL

OSIS - The Online Spatial Information System

#real estate

Moravio and JLL have collaborated to create OSIS, a comprehensive solution for managing buildings and assets using CAD, GIS, and IWMS. Features include floorplan import, streamlined asset management, room and desk reservation, and integration with ot...

Logo: JLL

JLL Marketplace - Frontend Development

#real estate

Moravio partnered with JLL to develop a B2B marketplace for commercial real estate. As frontend developers, our team utilized React to deliver a user-friendly platform for ordering materials in CRE. The marketplace streamlines the ordering process, i...

Logo: Junglee - P.J. Servis

CRM for Contracting Agency

For Junglee, we have created a new information system from the ground up for the management of part-time jobs, employees, cash flows and their payments, statistics and more.

Logo: Dotykačka

Corporate and Ecommerce Website with Elementor Page Builder

Dotykačka company approached us with a request for help in building their new portal and associated ecommerce site. We didn't hesitate for a moment and immediately started working together.

Logo: JLL

COVID-19 Internal Tracking Software

#real estate

At Moravio, we have recently developed a system to help businesses navigate the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our system is designed to minimize the spread of the virus among employees and customers, while still allowing businesses to op...

Logo: Dolní Vítkovice

Dolní Vítkovice Website Redesign


Complete redesign of the website presentation of a world-unique complex in the heart of Europe Dolní Vítkovice.

Logo: Centrl

Company Website and Microsites


CENTRL Inc. is an international leader in providing a platform for managing safety regulations and risk management for companies.

Logo: Ridera

Order Process Automation ERP

Ridera trades in coal and other materials. We have built an ERP system from the ground up that automates this process.

Logo: Notino

Technical Due Diligences for Notino

Notino partnered with Moravio to conduct technical due diligence on potential third-party collaborators, ensuring the selection of reliable companies to support their growth and expansion objectives.

Logo: Notino

Warehouse Dashboard

We started the joint partnership with the order tracking system.

Logo: NDA

Partner Programs for One of the Two Biggest Card Companies

We have cooperated on multiple partner programs for both B2C and B2B customers.

Logo: Adastra.one

Cooperation on mobile application development

Cooperation in the form of outsourcing on the development of a mobile application.

Logo: UserTechnologies

Collaboration in the development of web applications

Development of applications for clients overseas.

Logo: Sareza

Portal for 12 sport centers

We created a complete web presentation for SAREZA. Fun and sports for your whole family.

Logo: Hyundai Transys

Hiring Website

For Hyunday Dymos, we designed and manufactured a website dedicated to the recruitment of new employees.

Logo: Dáme jídlo

Vue.js co-development

One of the most successful czech start-ups. Wide selection of restaurants, guarantee of satisfaction, inhouse developed logistics.

Logo: NDA

A system for managing the entire workflow of a company

We created custom software for a czech company intended for a foreign market. This software helps break down the communication barrier of the company and its clients and streamlines the company's work.

Logo: NDA

Auction Portal with Real-time Auctions Development

The portal of this client is focused on organized auctions of various types of items. One of the key elements of this portal is the possibility to participate in auctions in bulk through so-called online auctions.

Logo: MALL Group

Mall Delivery Platform

MALL GROUP is the largest e-commerce player in Central and Eastern Europe. We cooperate on several levels.

Logo: Kofola a.s.

Portal For Investors

Collaboration that tastes good. We took over and improved the web presentation for Kofola investors.

Logo: Veolia

Veolia - Portfolio of the Veolia websites

We have created a portfolio of sites and a public procurement management system for Veolia

Logo: Czech Tourism

Virtual Reality Application

Fly in virtual reality with info graphics over eight beautiful places in the Czech Republic with the help of 360 ° video. Available for Gear VR and Oculus GO.

Logo: Profipress

Web portals with specialization

We have created multiple portals for different areas of client's interest.

Logo: Shopsys

Co-development of biggest czech e-commerce solutions

Shopsys focuses on the development of tailor-made e-commerce solutions for large players in the czech market. We cooperate on the basis of co-development.

Logo: Finclub

Web presentation and mobile application

For the international company Finclub, we created a web presentation of finclub.cz and also a mobile application.

Logo: Candy Plus

Company website - Pedro, Juicee

We have created company website from scratch.

Logo: Janáček philharmonic Ostrava

New website for philharmonic orchestra from Ostrava

We created a new web presentation for the Janáček philharmonic Ostrava with a connection to the reservation system for tickets purchasing.

Logo: JELÍNEK – výroba nábytku

New E-commerce Solution And 3D Furniture Configurator

JELÍNEK – výroba nábytku s.r.o. needed new and modern e-commerce solution, which would fulfill their needs. We created just that.


Mobile application for CRM

Raynet needed new mobile application for their well-known CRM solution.

Logo: Xerox

6 microsites

In 2013, together with Xerox, we created a total of 6 micro sites thematically focused on supporting the company and its products.

Logo: Le Premier

Shirt configurator

For the Le Premier brand, we created a module in their existing e-shop that allows the customer to configure their own shirt as desired.

Logo: Kulturní centrum Cooltour

Website cultural center

We have created a new, fresh website presentation for the Kultuní centrum Cooltour, which reflects the meaning and goals of the entire organization.

Logo: RWS Moravia

Module for Drupal platform

For Moravia, we have updated and modified their outdated TMGMT Translator Moravia 2 plugin for the Drupal platform.

Logo: Nielsen Admosphere

Multisite for a research agency

Multisite focused on simple content management and clear presentation of information in the field of marketing and media research, analysis and data processing.

Logo: Zámek Žďár

Extravagant web presentation

In cooperation with the Najbrt studio, we created an extravagant web presentation of the Žďár castle.

Logo: Sunar

Changes on existing site

In 2013, 2014, in cooperation with the McCann agency, we made adjustments to the Sunar website - Sunar.cz and also created microsites for company competitions for customers.

Logo: Sportrysy

E-commerce solution and connection to warehouse system

In 2013, we created a new e-shop for the slovak company Sportrysy and also connected it to the warehouse system.


Company website and 3D animation of printing technology

We created a new web presentation for FINIDR. Interesting in this cooperation was creation of a 3D web animation of company's production line.

Logo: Tieto Evry

Career website

We created a career website and campaign website for the largest northern European IT company Tieto (now Tieto Evry).


Dynamic web presentation

Walmark is the largest independent Consumer Healthcare company in Central and Eastern Europe.

Logo: Bushman

Complete development and marketing services

Bushman - outdoor clothing designed for women and men who love freedom and travel, exploration and adventure.

Logo: Dáme jídlo

E-commerce solution for B2B partners

Our next cooperation with DámeJídlo. We have created an e-commerce site for the company's B2B partners.

Logo: Radynacestu.cz

Complete Management of PPC Advertising

Manage PPC ads with over 350 campaigns and 30,000 keywords

Logo: Dobré-knihy.cz

PPC Management for Online Bookstore

Management and automation of performance PPC campaigns for more than 90,000 e-shop products

Logo: Letiště Ostrava

Management of PPC Campaigns for Ostrava Airport

Long-term cooperation in ensuring the promotion of the airport through PPC campaigns.

Logo: Moravio

Strapi Powered Node.js Backend

As part of the completed transformation in recent years, when we switched from PHP to Javascript, we knew that in 2021 we will no longer want to build a new Moravio corporate website on the WordPress platform as before, but we will use javascript tec...

Logo: JLL

Automation of registration and creation of DEMO accounts of potential ...

#real estate

Further cooperation with the US company JLL was about the creation of a system for automatic registration and the subsequent establishment of DEMO accounts for potential clients of the company.

Logo: Chefparade

The most famous cooking school in the Czech Republic

We have helped Chefparade to improve, enrich and speed up their website.

Logo: NDA

Fintech application for investment portfolios

For an unspecified company (NDA), we created a new modern web application for managing clients and their portfolios within personal investments.

Logo: NDA

SaaS software for a law company

As part of this collaboration, we became part of the development team for an unspecified company(NDA). We joined the development team and helped to accelerate the development of the platform so that it could accommodate the growing number of clients ...

Logo: Notino

Landing Page for Notino's Mobile App

Moravio designed and implemented a customer-centric landing page for an online perfume and cosmetics shop's mobile app.

Logo: IS Produkce

Optimizing Casting Workflows with Face Recognition


By creating an advanced face recognition system using dlib, AWS, and DynamoDB we we tackled the challenge of improving casting efficiency in the audiovisual industry. The implemented system successfully reduced both time and costs associated with tra...

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