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Stardio - Live Fitness Platform

#product development

Stardio.com is an online platform for a live streaming of fitness classes. Trainers design lessons, invite an audience and broadcast workouts live. Members can subscribe to the lessons of their choice.

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JET - Artificial Intelligent Business Assistant

#product development
#real estate

JET is your personal AI assistant. Imagine having Siri or Google Assistant at your workplace. Book desks, rooms, schedule meetings, ask about colleagues. You can do all that and more just by asking JET.


Frontend Development for Veterinary Protocol Platform


VCPR.ORG is developing a platform to help veterinarians and their clients create, prescribe, and monitor animal treatment protocols.

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Custom Web Application: Exploring Performance Management Systems

We developed a custom web application for our client from United Kingdom to manage their employee performance. The main thing this application helps with is improving and accelerating the development and growth of the company's managers' skills.

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Progressive Medical Startup from the UK and Development of Custom Web ...

What would you say if you didn't necessarily need to physically go to the doctor for certain things, but it would be enough to meet online for a pre-arranged consultation? Discuss everything you need and then get a full service including delivery of ...

Logo: NDA

Custom AI-powered CRM SaaS Web Application development

We have created a powerful and modern custom CRM SaaS web application. And we made it even smarter. Apart from many new practical features and various automation, we can't even talk about, it can, for example, use a smart AI assistant working with Ch...

Logo: NDA

Vector Based Map Editor to Create Beautiful Maps

Thanks to this map application/editor, the client has a powerful tool in his hands with which he can prepare almost any interactive map background for indoor and outdoor events.

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Custom Web Application for Data Management and Delivery: Digital Trans...

Facts matter! That's the slogan of our client in America - an organization whose goal is to provide all Americans with free, truthful, fact-based information about their country's candidates or elected officials. To continue to provide this informati...

Logo: Datart

Revolutionizing Retail: How AI Automation Fuels Datart's Success

Discover how Moravio's innovative use of AI and machine learning has revolutionized operations for Datart, a leading retailer owned by HP-Tronic. By automating key processes and enhancing efficiency, this strategic partnership has enabled Datart to s...

Logo: Moravio

Eagle: Your AI-Powered Business Assistant


Unveiling Eagle, Moravio's new face of Artificial Intelligence for Business. A business assistant enriched with ChatGPT and seamlessly integrated with Slack, Eagle uses SQL queries to delve into data, providing valuable insights and propelling improv...

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