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Custom Web Application for Data Management and Delivery: Digital Transformation Strategy in Action

Facts matter! That's the slogan of our client in America - an organization whose goal is to provide all Americans with free, truthful, fact-based information about their country's candidates or elected officials. To continue to provide this information effectively and to improve user experience on their website, they approached us to develop a new customized web application for them.

"Legacy System Replacement Strategy in Play"

That's what our American client emphasized when they approached us. We did an analysis of the current solution, went through a few joint meetings to make sure we understood what goals were important to the client, and got to work using a typescript framework among other modern technologies. Prior to deploying the custom web application we developed, the client was using a 10+ year old system that only a limited number of people had access to. It was slow, not scalable, and no longer met the requirements for continued growth, not to mention the potential vulnerability of the system. The new web application serves the same purpose as the legacy application but offers a vastly superior user experience. As part of the transition from the legacy application to the modern solution, a plethora of new functionality was added.

One Database, Multiple Challenges: Digital Transformation Solutions at Work

A significant challenge for us on this project was working with the database itself, which is connected to several other systems that have been historically created and which cannot yet be simply disconnected. During development, we had to be very cautious to craft everything that was needed, but at the same time ensure no damage to any other part of the original application or applications connected to the same data sources. This complexity required meticulous testing of all different cases of application flow. Yet, through close collaboration with the client, we delivered quality software.

Embracing the Future: Digital Transformation on the Horizon

The erstwhile legacy application is now superseded by a new, modern web application that is faster, more secure, and aligns with contemporary software development standards. Consequently, the client is progressively accomplishing its digital transformation strategy, becoming a fully digital entity—vital in an era where its employees work from various US states.

Contemplating Legacy System Overhaul or Digital Enhancement?

Are your old systems and applications causing roadblocks for your company's growth? Perhaps you're pondering automation but are unsure where to commence. In any scenario, please connect with us. We're poised to assess your present circumstances, suggest digital transformation solutions, and craft a fresh solution tailored for you. Dive into our diverse project portfolio spanning various industries for insights.

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