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Progressive Medical Startup from the UK and Development of Custom Web Application

What would you say if you didn't necessarily need to physically go to the doctor for certain things, but it would be enough to meet online for a pre-arranged consultation? Discuss everything you need and then get a full service including delivery of the medication to your door. That's exactly what this young company is aiming for.

The modern concept of healthcare

Our next client from the UK. This is a young, progressive company in the healthcare sector that offers a digital consultation with a doctor, prescription of medicines based on that consultation, purchase of products in a digital store and provision of all other services for the products they offer. We joined the project about a third of the way through development and helped take it to the final stage of launching the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Our work included development of the whole solution and the analysis and subsequent pruning of several unnecessary services that did not bring anything tangible to the project and instead added complexity to the already very intense time window for the MVP launch.

Multiple parts of the solution working as one + patient data from NHS

What was interesting about this collaboration was the combination of several technical solutions into one. The first is a landing page within a web application that is designed to be simple and engaging for the potential customer. Another is a platform for a quick and secure online consultation with a doctor. As part of this consultation, the customer can submit their medical information and the doctor can also request medical records from the NHS, which is a UK national health register that holds various information such as previous illnesses, treatments, etc. An integral part of the web app is also a digital store where the company's customers can purchase prescribed products or subscribe to certain packages. Our client thus offers a complete package of services.

We also used some very interesting technologies

Apart from the interesting work on the whole project, it is also an interesting technological diversification. Besides the standard technologies we use on a daily basis (e.g. Next.js, Vercel, Docker, Node.js, Google Cloud Platform, etc.), we also worked with PlanetScale database based on the open-source tool Vitess, developed by Google for scaling YouTube. We also worked with the Swell platform, which is a headless ecommerce solution for building online eshops.

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