How We Work

Short walkthrough of our internal thinking and processes

Before we start

What is a success? When you make more money than you invest and you meet your goals.

After we sign NDA, we take a deep dive into your business. Our understanding of your goals and how the product will fit into your company ecosystem is the key.

Our business model is simple. If you make money by working with us, you'll be back with more money. 90% of our clients are returning customers.

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Team = Moravio + YOU

The only way how to build a successfull product is to work together as one team. Not as a client and a vendor. We need to build our relationship on trust. The relationship is challenged especially:

  • When we want to invest into reducing technical debt instead of adding new features
  • When we want our time fixing bugs to be paid
  • When we are saying things you need to hear instead of things you want to hear

Every client has a budget in their mind. We both need to work together to meet the budget.It's a cooperation. We cannot commit to a fixed scope withing a fixed budget. On the other hand we will commit to excelent work and transparency.

Agile Development

We are completely honest and transparent with you:

  • Engineers are not able to provide exact estimate of a significant amount of work.
  • Clients are not able to provide a 100% complete specification.
  • Successful product is never finished.

With that in mind, we've settled on a very simple business fomula:

  • You pay for a sprint / one iteration of development.
  • We will make the most out of your money.
  • If you are satistified, you go back to us to invest more money.

Big Picture

How do I know we go the right direction?

When you work with us, you communicate most of the time with product manager. Product manager's role is to shape big picture (roadmap) with you and prepare a backlog of tasks. Team lead is then responsible to deliver as much as possible each two-week sprint.

Next Steps

Write us a message or book a meeting with us. Either will see we can help you or at least will try to point you to the right direction.

Start your project with us!

Book a 15 minutes call with our business developer to discuss the needs of your project.

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