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JET - Artificial Intelligent Business Assistant

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JET is your personal AI assistant. Imagine having Siri or Google Assistant at your workplace. Book desks, rooms, schedule meetings, ask about colleagues. You can do all that and more just by asking JET.

JET - Business Assistant for Everyone

Imagine having an AI assistant that can help you reserve a meeting room, desk, or even locate a colleague. JET uses AI technology similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT, making it easy to use. Just say:

book me a desk for next Monday from 1pm to 5pm

and JET will instantly display a map of all available tables.

Making an AI assistant - How did we do it?

  • A team of 9 backend and frontend developers
  • 3+ years of cooperation
  • DevOps, Backend, Frontend
  • Analysis, Consultations
  • Chatbot design and AI learning - Google Dialogflow
  • Mapping solution - Using OpenStreet mapping engine Mapnik
  • Cooperation on the design of the app and conversation flows
  • Leading iOS and Android developers

Source: https://www.us.jll.com/en/products/jill

JLL Office

The Client - JLL

JLL is a Fortune 200 company. They operate in CEE - Customer Real Estate in 80 countries around the world.

  • 90 000+ employees
  • $6.5 bln. annual company sales
  • 300 offices in 80 countries
  • HQ in Chicago / AON Center
  • Established 1783; 239 years ago
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Floor Maps

Moravio developed a method to integrate maps into iOS and Android apps using a library called Mapnik. The challenge in using maps is not only displaying the necessary information, but also dealing with the various coordinate systems. Additionally, generating maps on-the-fly while maintaining performance is a significant challenge.

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