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Custom AI-powered CRM SaaS Web Application development

We have created a powerful and modern custom CRM SaaS web application. And we made it even smarter. Apart from many new practical features and various automation, we can't even talk about, it can, for example, use a smart AI assistant working with ChatGPT. This will give the user an even better experience and can make their work faster and more efficient. Experience the best SaaS CRM software with AI capabilities.

Legacy HR CRM app out, new web-based CRM for HR app in!

We have developed a completely bespoke new CRM for HR software for our major HR and recruitment client from the United Kingdom. Until then, the client had been running an outdated HR CRM for a few years and no longer had sufficient CRM applications with minimal development. However, in recent years the client has grown significantly and is now approaching 500 employees. As a result, the existing HR CRM application was no longer sufficient.

Analysis, AI, and machine learning in CRM SaaS

Together, we set out to design a new CRM SaaS application. This included an analysis of what functionality we needed to transfer from the old HR CRM application. However, equally interesting was brainstorming new features, including the incorporation of AI in the form of machine learning, AI assistant, and a number of automation. The client has a huge amount of data it wants to continue working with over the years it has been in the market, so the question of using technologies like AI or machine learning in CRM SaaS was a direct call to action. After all, working properly with data can bring a big competitive advantage.

And what does technology have to say about it?

The basis of the whole solution is PHP and its framework Laravel. Although Laravel is no longer our first choice and we prefer to choose Node.js with TypeScript for backend development, we can offer these services in this case we stepped back considering the technical expertise of the client's internal team and also other applications that were already programmed at the time. We also use a classic MySQL database and on the front end, we use the widely used Vue.js framework. We also have the application covered with automated and manual tests according to the client's needs and our recommendations.

We are also working with other interesting technologies, but beyond the above-mentioned ChatGPT and our expertise in best SaaS CRM software, we can't tell you anything more just yet. :)

Are you also thinking about integrating AI into your business processes? Contact us, we can help you.

It is obvious that we are going to see AI involved in companies to a greater or lesser extent in the future. We dare to say that whoever seizes this opportunity early on will have a major competitive advantage in the future. Experience the difference with our best SaaS CRM software.

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