We have plenty of experience developing outdoor and indoor mapping solutions using Mapnik library.

Technology illustration background
Technology illustration background
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Mapnik is a set of tools for map professional development with sharp, soft outlines of elements (which is ensured by using high-quality anti-aliasing algorithms), smart text placement, and scalable symbols based on SVG. The most famous application of Mapnik is its use for drawing the basic layers of the OpenStreetMap map. In case the project needs map professional development - it is a smart decision to use the Mapnik.

The main stated purpose of Mapnik is to produce outstanding, user-friendly outdoor and indoor maps.

Map development with Moravio

Developing mapping applications - is a challenging task that meets a high demand nowadays. The development of mobile applications entails some problems when implementing an application for several mobile platforms and when ensuring its operation in the offline mode. Based on our development experience, it was decided to show the main methods of mobile application development, to describe the advantages and disadvantages of each of them in terms of mapping functions and application complexity.

Who are Map developers?

In case the task is to create real-world and real-time experiences for the customers with dynamic maps, routes, and location API solutions from Google Maps Platform, - our map developers will solve this issue.

But the point is that Moravio map developer is able to provide off-the-shelf google maps functionality as well as custom implementations made to your specifications.

Case Study - JET

JET is a nice example of rendering maps on the server and providing tiles to a mobile app. The same approach can be applied for outdoor maps.

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    What is Mapnik?

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