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LiveKit Development
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LiveKit Development

Livestreaming and video conferencing have taken website and mobile applications platforms by storm, with almost 98% of all US internet users under 24 years of age identifying as digital video viewers. Digital video advertising expenditure reflects this growth, with the amount spent on online video ads in the US expected to more than double from 63.8 billion in 2021 to 134.5 billion in 2026. LiveKit is the ultimate tool for building futuristic end-to-end webRTC stack applications that incorporate video conferencing, livestreaming, metaverse, or robotics elements. Moravio LiveKit Development division, a subset of Moravio international software and applications development company, is dedicated towards delivering superior client applications that feature enhanced video and audio components created with LiveKit and complementary technologies.

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Moravio LiveKit development benefits

Custom Kit with Moravio

Moravio LiveKit development

Moravio LiveKit development FAQs

Moravio LiveKit development benefits

Moravio LiveKit development teams choose LiveKit infrastructure to build high-end livestreaming and video conferencing applications as it provides the following benefits:

  • LiveKit's server provides diverse options for extension and customization of a client's software development kit.
  • LiveKit is open-source software with strong community support.
  • LiveKit has robust cross network connectivity and adaptability to low-bandwidth situations.
  • LiveKit SDK options are compatible with all major platforms, providing infinite possibilities to create with LiveKit.
  • LiveKit has inbuilt JWT based authentication, RBAC within rooms, and moderation APIs for full control over participants.
  • LiveKit is easily deployed reducing development time to market and costs.
  • LiveKit is performance optimized, featuring all of Zoom's.

Custom designed LiveKit development options

The advantage of choosing Moravio for your company's next LiveKit development project is that it offers an individual service that aligns with your business' LiveKit goals and intentions. Operating on an international scale, Moravio is a remote first development company that provides LiveKit development specialists who have been recruited globally. Moravio staff represent some of the finest talents of the tech industry, with extensive project experience across a wide variety of programming frameworks and up-to-date training in the latest cutting-edge technologies. Moravio LiveKit development teams are scaled to purpose and feature as many, or as few, roles as are required for the job. If a client chooses an end-to-end custom managed LiveKit stream, Moravio will appoint a project manager to oversee the process and maintain communication at every stage, along with developers and QA professionals. Clients are free to focus on their own work leaving every aspect and stage of development in the hands of a Moravio agile development team. Moravio, in concert with any client ideas and inspirations, will deliver a final LiveKit product that excels in function, affordability, and style.

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Moravio LiveKit development

LiveKit enables the building of many different types of real-time audio and video empowered applications. With LiveKit development expertise from Moravio, clients can host live streams with large groups of attendees while simultaneously interacting with call-ins. LiveKit can also be used to facilitate the playing of tabletop roleplaying games with immersive voice and video chat functionalities, and to add drop-in audio conversations to other applications. Moravio LiveKit development teams have combined to deliver exciting and engaging video and audio solutions to a worldwide clientele. An example of a dynamic Moravio project built with LiveKit is the Stardio live fitness platform which streams live fitness classes, is capable of handling hundreds and thousands of concurrent connections, and integrates a Moravio created editor similar to those used by professionals in the film industry. The finished product has a userface that is both intuitive and multi-functional, combining frontend Angular and AWS lambda serverless functions. It incorporates a Stripe payment processing system, and uses AWS Amplify, DynamoDB, and TypeScript on Node.js on the Backend. The scope and complexity of the project attests to the experience and of Moravio LiveKit development teams in creating quality futuristic projects that integrate LiveKit with other technologies.

Moravio LiveKit development FAQs

Is LiveKit a better development choice then Jitsi?

Moravio LiveKit development teams are experienced across a wide range of the latest technologies, and have landed upon LiveKit as a developing option that often surpasses some of the limitations of the Jitsi video conferencing tool. notably in its participant capacity and API access monitoring capabilities.

Our company is unsure whether any video additions to our applications are necessary, can Moravio advise?

Abdolutely, Moravio LiveKit development company places emphasis on client connection, we're here to deliver solutions you want and that will scale your business. Whether you have inspiration or reservation about developing with LiveKit, our experts are here to help.


The Moravio vision of innovating with LiveKit is focused on providing video motion and audio additions that update the value of client software applications. Contact the team to discuss getting moving with LiveKit today.


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