App Ideas for Sustainability in Tomorrow's Green Frontier

Explore with us ten app ideas aimed at fostering sustainability in our tech-driven world.

Olena Dontsova

Olena Dontsova

Head of Marketing

09 Nov 2023
6 min read

About the Importance of Sustainability

In the current global scenario, the emphasis on sustainable development has never been more pronounced. The approaches of sustainable development seek to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This philosophy underscores the importance of striking a balance between economic growth, environmental protection, and social equity.

Corporate enterprises, once seen solely as profit-driven entities, are now increasingly being recognized for their role in corporate sustain initiatives. They understand that long-term success is intricately tied to a healthy environment and a stable society. As such, the sustainable development goal and mobile app requirements outline a new era, where businesses integrate sustainability into their core strategies.

But why is sustainability crucial? Firstly, our planet's resources are finite. Overexploitation can lead to irreversible damage, affecting everything from biodiversity to climate patterns. Secondly, a sustainable approach ensures social equity, allowing all individuals to have access to basic resources and opportunities. Lastly, sustainable practices often lead to economic benefits in the long run, from cost savings from resource efficiency to tapping into new green markets.

Role of Technology in Promoting Sustainable Practices

The digital revolution has opened up a myriad of opportunities for promoting sustainable practices. Green app developers are at the forefront of this movement, designing innovative app ideas for sustainability that cater to both individual consumers and large corporations.

One significant advantage of technology is its scalability. A sustainability app, in general, can reach millions of users worldwide, spreading awareness and actionable insights at an unprecedented scale. For instance, a sustainability software platform can enable businesses to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint, while an app focused on the approaches of sustainable development can educate users about eco-friendly lifestyle choices.

Furthermore, engineering applications in sustainable design and development provide solutions that were once considered unattainable. From smart grids that optimize energy consumption to waste management systems that utilize AI, technology is redefining the boundaries of what's possible in the sustainability domain.

Greentech IT solutions play a pivotal role in this transition. As the name suggests, they merge green practices with technology, leading to innovations that can drastically reduce our environmental impact. And with the rise of mobile technology, the sustainable development app state is gaining momentum. Every smartphone user now has the potential to contribute to global sustainability efforts, whether by using a carpooling app or a digital platform that promotes zero-waste practices.

Ten App Ideas for Sustainability from Moravio Team

1. Carbon Footprint Trackers:

Description: Apps that help individuals and businesses monitor their carbon emissions.


  • Input daily activities like travel, electricity usage, etc.
  • Get recommendations to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Offset carbon emissions by contributing to green projects.

Example of Customization: Integration with smart home devices to automatically calculate energy consumption.

Forecast in Sprints: 8 sprints (16 weeks).

Cost of MVP: $50,000.

Business Pain Solving: Helps businesses monitor and report their environmental impact, essential for CSR and sustainability reporting.

Business Fit: Corporations, especially in the manufacturing and transport sectors.

2. Sustainable Shopping Assistants:

Description: Apps guiding users to buy eco-friendly products.


  • Barcode scanning to get information about the product's sustainability.
  • Suggestions for eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Lists of sustainable brands and stores nearby.

Example of Customization: Personalized product recommendations based on user's buying history.

Forecast in Sprints: 7 sprints (14 weeks).

Cost of MVP: $40,000.

Business Pain Solving: Assists brands in highlighting their eco-friendly products to environmentally conscious consumers.

Business Fit: E-commerce platforms and retail stores.

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3. Virtual Farmers' Markets:

Description: Platforms connecting local farmers and consumers directly.


  • Browse local produce and farm products.
  • Schedule pickups or home deliveries.
  • Promote organic, local, and seasonal eating.

Example of Customization: Integration with delivery services for direct home delivery.

Forecast in Sprints: 9 sprints (18 weeks).

Cost of MVP: $75,000.

Business Pain Solving: Provides local farmers an online platform to reach customers directly, bypassing middlemen.

Business Fit: Agricultural cooperatives and local farmers.

4. Energy Consumption Monitors:

Description: Apps to track and manage energy consumption at home or in businesses.


  • Connect with smart home devices to monitor real-time usage.
  • Get recommendations to improve energy efficiency.
  • Set goals and reminders for energy conservation.

Example of Customization: Compatibility with various brands of smart meters and home devices.

Forecast in Sprints: 8 sprints (16 weeks).

Cost of MVP: $58,000.

Business Pain Solving: Reduces energy bills and promotes efficient energy use.

Business Fit: Real estate developers and utility companies.

5. Water Conservation Apps:

Description: Apps focusing on monitoring and reducing water usage.


  • Track daily water consumption.
  • Tips and techniques for saving water.
  • Leak detection and notification.

Example of Customization: Integration with smart irrigation systems for gardens and farms.

Forecast in Sprints: 7 sprints (14 weeks).

Cost of MVP: $58,000.

Business Pain Solving: Helps in monitoring and reducing water wastage, crucial in areas with water scarcity.

Business Fit: Municipalities and agricultural businesses.

6. Digital Community Gardens:

Description: Platforms where users can share gardening tips, exchange plants, and promote urban gardening.


  • Virtual garden tours.
  • Plant identification and care tips.
  • Community events and workshops.

Example of Customization: A marketplace for buying and selling home-grown produce.

Forecast in Sprints: 6 sprints (12 weeks).

Cost of MVP: $55,000.

Business Pain Solving: Promotes urban agriculture and community bonding.

Business Fit: Urban planning agencies and NGOs promoting sustainable living.

7. Ride-Sharing for Green Vehicles:

Description: A dedicated platform for electric and hybrid vehicles.


  • Find nearby charging stations.
  • Connect with other green vehicle owners for carpooling.
  • Carbon savings calculator.

Example of Customization: Integration with electric vehicle charging networks.

Forecast in Sprints: 9 sprints (18 weeks).

Cost of MVP: $62,000.

Business Pain Solving: Reduces carbon emissions by promoting shared rides in green vehicles.

Business Fit: Transportation companies and electric vehicle manufacturers.

8. Waste Management and Recycling Platforms:

Description: Apps that provide information on how to properly dispose of or recycle various items.


  • Barcode scanning for disposal instructions.
  • Drop-off locations for recyclable items.
  • DIY projects to upcycle waste.

Example of Customization: Integration with local waste collection schedules.

Forecast in Sprints: 8 sprints (16 weeks).

Cost of MVP: $45,000.

Business Pain Solving: Efficient waste disposal and recycling, reducing environmental impact.

Business Fit: Municipal waste management agencies and recycling companies.

9. Sustainable Investment Platforms:

Description: Apps that guide users to invest in green and sustainable projects.


  • Information on green bonds and stocks.
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ratings for companies.
  • News and updates on sustainable investment trends.

Example of Customization: Real-time tracking of ESG scores of companies.

Forecast in Sprints: 10 sprints (20 weeks).

Cost of MVP: $80,000.

Business Pain Solving: Assists investors in making green investments, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Business Fit: Investment banks and financial advisory firms.

10. Eco-Challenge Apps:

Description: Platforms that challenge users to adopt sustainable practices.


  • Daily and monthly eco-challenges.
  • Track progress and earn rewards.
  • Share achievements on social media.

Example of Customization: Integration with social media for sharing achievements.

Forecast in Sprints: 6 sprints (12 weeks).

Cost of MVP: $32,000.

Business Pain Solving:

Encourages sustainable habits among users, promoting a green lifestyle.

Business Fit: NGOs and corporations looking to promote sustainability among employees and customers.


Please note that the forecasts in sprints, cost of MVP, and other details are rough estimates and can vary significantly based on various factors like technology, complexity, feature set, and more. It's advisable to consult with our Head of business - book a free consultation today.