React JS Development

React JS is the primary front-end platform on which we build user interfaces and UI components. All our teams have extensive knowledge and experience with React development and have worked on dozens of projects.

Reasons to Work With Us

Hire Coordinated Managed Teams

Our React JS teams were a part of many challenging projects. Hire managed team including a team leader and leverage their coordinated skills.

Hire Single Developers

If you are not interested in our teams, you can also hire just single React JS developers. We call this service outstaffing.

Experience Across Different Fields

Moravio cooperated with many industries. Every industry has its specific features. Having the experience, our teams are able to speak your language.

Start Tomorrow

You don't need to build your internal organisation. Hire our team of developers for the project and replace us with internal staff later.

Design -> Develop -> Support

You don't need to have technical knowledge to work with us. We have product managers and designer, who will help you to prepare backlog for our developers.

Expand Your Developer Capacities

Do you have technical staff already? Great! Cooperate with us in co-development model and hire another team to scale fast.

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Projects that might be interesting for you.

Weather Module for Top Czech News Portal

For portals, Aktuálně.cz, and we have created the Weather application.

Warehouse Dashboard

We started the joint partnership with the order tracking system.

JET - Intelligent Assistant

MORAVIO cooperates with JLL on the JET / Book a Desk project . We help develop a mobile application with virtual voice assistant that facilitates everyday tasks in the work environment to simplify operational tasks and provide the same convenience as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant offer in personal life.

Auction Portal with Real-time Auctions

The portal of this client is focused on organized auctions of various types of items. One of the key elements of this portal is the possibility to participate in auctions in bulk through so-called online auctions.

Collaboration in the development of web applications

Development of applications for clients overseas.

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What is React?

React JS is an open-source, front end, JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies.

Front-end in React JS

We use Java Script framework React for the front-end of more complicated information systems, websites and web applications.

Where do we use React JS

React JS processes graphs efficiently, provides fast user interface responses, simplifies workflow with intuitive solutions (such as drag & drop etc.).

We can also help with the back-end

We are not dealing with front-end only, we are just as strong in the back-end - we will help you develop an API interface to connect your back-end to the front-end in React.

More than just React JS

Along with React JS, we use a lot of related technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and more.

Key Features of React JS Development

Virtual DOM

The so-called Document Object Model (DOM) is one of the most important things about a website. Updating a common DOM is very slow, so React uses a virtual DOM in which it makes all the changes and only promotes final differences to the common DOM.

One Way Data Binding

React JS is designed to use only a one-way data binding, giving developers more control and visibility over the entire application and the movement of data within it.

React JS Components

React JS is basically made up of various components. Each component has its own logic. Each component can be reused in different places, which helps keep the application code clean.


It is an extension of JavaScript syntax, specifically the XML structure, which is used by React JS components. Thanks to this, all components can be written very easily.

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