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Vector Based Map Editor to Create Beautiful Maps

Thanks to this map application/editor, the client has a powerful tool in his hands with which he can prepare almost any interactive map background for indoor and outdoor events.

Festival map, classroom seating or a parking lot plan? Map developers can do it all

For our international client operating in both the US and European markets, we have created a dynamic web-based application that can be used to create any outdoor or indoor map plans. As map developers, we offer a multitude of options for how the final map base can look and what it can contain. Imagine, for example, a music festival and an interactive map base to go with it.

Vectors and moderny technology at its core: The map developer's toolkit

Thanks to modern technology, you can draw geometric shapes such as squares, circles, rectangles and more using vectors directly in the browser, but also any other shapes or objects thanks to the possibility of designing with polygons. Of course, text descriptions or insertion of various vector bases are possible. The resulting map base always looks good, no matter what device the user views it on. This is ensured by the fact that we use only vector graphics and "draw" everything on modern SVG Canvas.

##Need to style the building map base according to your client? No problem! The maps can be styled almost any way you like. At the same time, it is possible to edit the details of each object on the map separately, including size, location, regularity of shapes, and other parameters. The capabilities of our map developers ensure that every detail is meticulously crafted.

What about other tech we used to create this web based map builder?

It's primarily Next.js with React. We use these for frontend development, of course. Both are part of the modern programming stack and the core DNA of Moravio.

We also use Material UI and their UI components so that we don't always have to create completely new graphical elements where it's not needed. We also use Redux to control global states. Nowadays also a very widespread and functional library.

For automatic testing of the entire map application we use Jest.js or Cypress frameworks. Jest.js primarily for checking the correct functionality of individual elements of the entire web map editor, such as rotating a point around a given center. Cypress toolkit is used for manual user flow tests.

Do you need help with map development or with vector graphics tools in the browser in general? Let us know!

If you are looking for developers who have experience in developing map applications or 2D/3D graphics in general for web browsers, we are here for you. We can handle both raster applications and the vector applications, as introduced above, as well.

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