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Angular.js is a javascript framework that was created in Google in 2010. We have used this framework as a suitable tool on several projects. One of the projects was to create a mobile application.

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AngularJS Development

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Moravio custom software company focuses on agile web and mobile application design and development for a global market. Our international remote-first team of highly-trained and industry-honed staff unites extensive experience and exuberant passion for the evolving field of web and mobile application deployment. Whether you're a start-up wanting to have a software project developed from scratch, or a large organization looking to extend, revitalize, or remake your digital products, Moravio can tailor a solution to you. Working across a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, our developing teams have come to a collective appreciation of Angular.js as a highly adaptable environment for the creation of front-end solutions that are attractive, limber, and high-performance. Moravio hire Angular.js developer teams to represent the industry's finest Angular.js engineers, skilled in its directive, data-binding, content sanitizing, form validating, and animating features. Endorsed by peer-reviewed international engineering research as an eexcellent framework for light web applications that are easy to create and maintain, Angular.js dominates the global developer landscape, with a lion's share 20% usage rate amongst developers worldwide applications . With reusable elements, minimal code, and high testability, Angular.js can do more with less for your front-end.

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Why use Angular.js development services

Why choose Moravio for your Angular.js development

Flexible hire Angular developer services at Moravio

Benefits of hiring Angualr.js development services

Moravio's Angular development company portfolio

Affordable Angular.js web development solutions at Moravio

Angular development of your Front-end

Moravio's Angular development company portfolio

Moravio Angular.js agency FAQs

Why use Angular.js development services

Angular.js was created by Google in 2010. Since then, Angular.js developers have used this open-source JavaScript framework frequently in Angular web application development. In fact, some of today's most visited sites, such as Google, PayPal, and Netflix, are powered by Angular.js. Moravio's Angular.js web development company was created to provide our valued clients with the capacity to transform and scale their digital offerings through Angular web development projects. Moravio hire dedicated Angular.js developer led teams that have produced a range of quality and complex applications, drawing on the strengths of this smart, simple, and dynamic framework. Moravio hires Angular developers and often recommends incorporating this technology into customer designs as it's a well-integrated tool kit for creating attractive and highly-functional web apps. It's also easy to write and run end-to-end testing during Angular.js web application development. This ensures our dedicated QA teams can engage in continuous validation and deliver a user and market-ready, quality-verified product.

Why choose Moravio

  • Full cycle Angular.js web application development.
  • Highly specialized and scalable design, development, and support teams.
  • Over ten years of experience as a dedicated Angular.js mobile app development firm.
  • Remote-first worldwide service provider for clients from all industries.
  • The collaborative workforce of over 50 first-class industry professionals.
  • Experienced project managers to oversee and communicate on job progress.
  • Creative design and development teams.
  • Cutting-edge technical skills across diverse frameworks.
  • Cost-effective bundling of activities into a united project.
  • Flexibility for individual hires, co-creation, and project takeovers.
  • Impressive portfolio of Moravio completed works.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance post-project delivery.
  • Advanced and integrated QA testing procedure.
  • Customized approach to meeting client needs, expectations, and goals.

Angular.js development services

Moravio's Angular web development company offers our clients the flexibility of two scalable levels of cooperation. Under our Product Development stream, a Moravio Angular developer team assumes control of your company's project. Moravio will coordinate a squad of our finest project managers, Angular.js developers, designers, QAs, and any other role required to deliver your project in full. We'll stay in contact with you every step of the way whilst not diverting your staff's attention away from what they do best. Moravio will expand and contract our team as needed, so you'll only pay for the required hires. The managed approach is ideal for start-ups, smaller firms without specialized IT departments, or any business that doesn't want project demands disturbing its routine productivity and workflow. Moravio's Smart Teams are designed to provide Angular.js development services to augment your existing in-house IT activities. Moravio hire Angular developers who will collaborate with your staff, or any other suppliers you may have on board. We will provide the roles necessary to address any skills gaps, perform additional services, and contribute the experience required to bring your project to completion.

Angular.js web development company

Moravio Angular.js web development company has made extensive use of the framework in project development and delivery, and our team members cite benefits including:

No page reloading

No page reloading

This makes Angular.js the singular best solution for single-page websites and applications.

High capacity to store, process, and display image content

High capacity to store, process, and display image content

This is especially beneficial for applications that use images frequently and in high volume, such as online news publications.

Superior check-out systems

Superior check-out systems

The creation of safe and fast check-outs is imperative for a successful online shopping UX.

Messenger platforms

Messenger platforms

The ability to create high-traffic messenger platforms such as job sites offer extensive potentialities.

Ability to handle big applications

Ability to handle big applications

Can be used to develop big-streaming services and other major applications.

MVC architecture

MVC architecture

With the characteristics of being simple to use and understand, this adds to the number of people who can contribute to development, and can reduce the time to market for a more affordable development solution

Chat application and chatbot suitability

Chat application and chatbot suitability

Real-time chat applications are now a common feature of many apps and websites.

Simple testing

Simple testing

Moravio's industry-standard agile approach to development, which is applied incrementally, is aided by Angular.js' ease of testing.

Enhanced animations

Enhanced animations

Visual appeal in motion is an integral aspect of a positive UX.

If your business is considering creating a new or extending your current digital space and would like to capitalize on the benefits of Angular.js development services, contact Moravio's head of business to arrange a discussion of your ideas.

Whether it's a user review app you're after, an on-demand streaming application, or a rebuild of your current company website, we're here to listen, engage, and to co-create.

Angular.js web application development

Moravio takes pride in the Angular.js web app development projects that our teams have successfully delivered. When prominent Czech relationship management software firm, Raynet, needed a new mobile application for their CRM, they came to us. After hiring a Moravio Angular.js development team to fully manage and deliver the first version of their app, they grew their own team to the level where they were able to assume control over subsequent development. Through hiring us to undertake the app development, Raynet benefitted from a faster time to market for their application. Moravio provided a team devoted solely to their project, allowing Raynet to focus on expanding their IT team for future internal development scope. Raynet received a customized mobile application design created by industry-leading Moravio experts, proficiently versed in Angular.js and other related technologies and methodologies. Moravio was also able to provide support and guidance to Raynet during the transition, resulting in an overall project delivery that was timely, cost-effective, and high-functioning.

Hire dedicated Angular developer

Every business owner would agree that keeping operating expenses low is a high priority. Occasionally this line of thinking will lead to managers deciding to hire a freelance Angular programmer in an attempt to cut costs. A single hire Angular.js developer contracted through one of many freelance marketplaces may actually end up costing you more than you bargained for, and here's why. As freelancers tend to work independently, they offer clients only one skill-set, one perspective on a project or problem, and one portfolio of experience to draw from. A freelancer will likely lack the experience and capacity to deliver a project in full, leaving your company burdened with the costly and timely exercise of having to make additional hires to complete, or correct, the job. When hiring several or more freelancers to undertake different activities, the continuity and collaboration that rests at the heart of successful and mature development are often disturbed. Moravio Angular.js development company has already done the hard hiring for you. Over time, we've assembled more than fifty world-leading specialists in multiple development-related roles. Our remote-first teams work in close connection with each other, and with you, to ensure a high-level and cost-effective Angular.js application development approach.

Angular web app development

Moravio understands that no matter what product or service your business centers around, the front-end, typically your website and iOS and Android mobile applications, are where most of your customer interaction occurs. Your virtual spaces are so much more than transactional or informational, they're the face of what you do, and the longest arm of your branding and marketing strategies. With international research international research confirming that **high-performance websites lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversion**, Moravio Angular.js development teams focus on how this framework can be used to maximize the look, feel, and functionality of your site. If your company has an idea to develop a website or application with Angualr.js but is perhaps lacking a direction as to how this should look, Moravio's Angular.js designers and developers have extensive experience capturing the individual purpose of a business. They'll design a site that capitalizes on visual appeal, high-level react and response functionality, and in-built sales or service-enhancing features.

Angular.js for SPAs

Single page applications continue their dominance as the customer-centric continuously interactive choice for many companies. The biggest advantage single-page architecture is that it prevents a user from having to reload pages, which in turn creates a more fluid, responsive, and faster UX. In the rush to stop potential customers from bouncing, Moravio often recommends single-page applications in the customer design process. Angular.js' data-binding and testability features make it an ideal framework with which to create dynamic SPAs.

Hire Angular JS Developers FAQs

How can building a project with Angular.js save our business on development costs?

Developing with Angular.js often represents a cost-effective project solution. The data binding nature of the framework limits the amount of duplicate code that developers need to write, while an integrated dependency injection feature assists with ease of development and testing. The less time and effort required by developers, the more affordable the finished product will be.

Okay, so does this mean that Angular.js is only really suited to developing smaller and simpler websites?

Not at all. In fact, some of the largest sites around, such as Google and Netflix, were developed using Angular.js. In fact the features of Angular.js that make it simpler to build and maintain, are also what makes it a great choice for creating large-scale enterprise applications.

Our firm has only a vague idea of a project we would like completed, do we need to have a clear outline of what we want to achieve before hiring Moravio?

Not at all. At Moravio we excel in adaptation and embrace best practice agile and incremental development. This allows space for numerous and nuanced changes in project direction and complexity. In our extensive experience, most customers will request changes along the way. With Moravio's Time & Material contracts, you par for our capacities as they are delivered.

Our firm already has staff with development know-how, can we collaborate?

Yes, absolutely, Moravio exists to help realize your company's vision, and collaboration as part of our co-development model is always welcome.

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