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Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our services are tailored to revolutionize the real estate industry. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, including intelligent automation tools, dynamic comparison portals, and advanced analytics platforms. Our expertise extends to creating smart assistants that simplify complex processes and provide key insights, making real estate transactions more efficient and user-friendly.

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How Our Proptech Solutions Can Help Your Business Grow

Moravio is a software development company with a decade of experience in web and mobile app development. We specialize in working closely with clients to understand their business needs and iterating to provide value as soon as possible.

In today's rapidly evolving real estate industry, it's essential for companies to stay ahead of the competition and improve their operations. That's why we've expanded our services to include proptech solutions. Our team of experts will help you take advantage of the latest technology to streamline your processes, improve your customer experience, and grow your business.


Here are just a few of the proptech solutions we offer:

  1. Real Estate Data Analytics Platforms: Analyze real estate market trends, pricing, and demand, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

  2. Online Marketplace Platforms: Streamline real estate transactions with our online marketplace platforms, including property listings, property searches, and online contract management.

  3. PropTech-focused Mobile Apps: Enhance the property search and transaction experience for both real estate professionals and consumers with our PropTech-focused mobile apps.

  1. Smart Building Management Systems: Manage and monitor your properties more effectively, including energy usage, security, and maintenance.

  2. Virtual and Augmented Reality Solutions: Immerse your clients in virtual property tours and design visualization tools, enhancing their experience and making your properties stand out from the competition.

We understand that every business is unique, and that's why we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and provide customized solutions tailored to their requirements. Whether you're looking to improve your building management systems, streamline real estate transactions, or take advantage of the latest technology, we have the expertise to help you succeed.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our proptech solutions and how we can help your business grow.

Develop a Real Estate Portal With Us

Full-Cycle Development Process

Full-Cycle Development Process

We will provide the full-cycle development process from A to Z and guide you through all project phases such as requirements specification, product design, UX/UI, graphic design, implementation, QA and deployment.

Leading-Edge Tech Stack

Leading-Edge Tech Stack

We use leading-edge technologies and tools that allow us to create secure, fast and robust real estate portals. We will always find the best custom solution for each project.

Integration With Other Systems

Integration With Other Systems

Do you use other custom systems or third-party applications? We can integrate them with your real estate portal.

Cross-device & Responsive Solution

Cross-device & Responsive Solution

When we design and develop real estate portals, we focus on reusability of code. The portal can be run not only in the web browser, but the same code can often be used for desktop or mobile application.

Agile Iterative Development

Agile Iterative Development

We strongly believe in agile iterative development. We release a new version every 2-3 weeks, so we can respond to user's feedback and needs much faster. This approach reduces time to market significantly and overall boosts user satisfaction.

Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

After your real estate portal is launched, we will continue maintaining and supporting it to ensure its high relevance in the future.

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