JLL - Automation of registration and creation of DEMO accounts of potential clients


Further cooperation with the US company JLL was about the creation of a system for automatic registration and the subsequent establishment of DEMO accounts for potential clients of the company.

Python Docker

Whole cooperation was about simplification and maximum automation of the whole (until now manual) process of onboarding a potential client.

Together with the client, we created a form and whole process for automated registering a potential client. Thanks to this, the client now has the opportunity to create a test account, in which he sees all available system functionalities as he will have them ready in the production environment after the proper cooperation agreement. The advantage is that the client can test all functionality immediately. Each client can choose whether he wants to fill the DEMO account with test data or wants it completely empty.

As part of the potential client's registration, a two-step registration with confirmation in the email was implemented, as well as a separate email for setting the password. Google Captcha has been implemented to increase the security and defense of the system against automatic spam bots.

Each DEMO account has set an automatic expiration date and automatic email notifications about the impending expiration of the account.

Each potential client has an assigned sales manager within the DEMO account.

There is also a global administration for the entire system, which allows the management of all DEMO accounts, postponement of account expiration, creation of a production account based on a DEMO account and other functionalities.

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