Portal for 12 sport centers


We created a complete web presentation for SAREZA. Fun and sports for your whole family.

WordPress PHP Laravel

Web presentation and connection of other internal systems

The company SAREZA, full name Sportovní A Rekreační ZAřízení města Ostravy, s.r.o, was founded in 1997. The city of Ostrava, as the sole owner of the company, provides sports and recreational activities in many popular areas of SAREZA not only for Ostrava, but also for the wider surroundings.

For the client, we analyzed their needs within the new web presentation, designed the structure, created a graphic design and also implemented the entire presentation, including a responsive version for mobile phones and tablets.

As part of the project, we connected the web presentation with cameras and television screens in the area, which dynamically provide visitors with important information or the current state of individual areas. The client can also globally manage opening hours and price lists of all premises, which significantly saves his time.

What we solved for the client:

  • Needs analysis
  • Web presentation structure design
  • Graphic design of a web presentation
  • Implementation of graphic design
  • Responsiveness for mobile phones and tablets