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As part of the completed transformation in recent years, when we switched from PHP to Javascript, we knew that in 2021 we will no longer want to build a new Moravio corporate website on the WordPress platform as before, but we will use javascript technology Node.js, which we already commonly use for software development for clients.

We have used the WordPress platform for our corporate website for many years, however, it has recently ceased to suit us due to its robustness, slowness and complex editing of content (for our purposes).

We knew we needed a change, so in 2021 we created a new corporate website. Our main requirements were:

  • ease of development (due to what technologies we currently use)
  • intuitive and fast content management
  • the ability to make quick changes to the page layout without the need for a programmer
  • higher website speed

Currently in Moravio on the backend we work mostly with the javascript framework Node.js and so we were faced with the question of whether to program the entire administration of our website ourselves or we will use an existing solution. In the end, we decided for a relatively young CMS platform Strapi, which is the so-called "Headless CMS" programmed in the javascript framework Node.js. Headless CMS means that Strapi does not provide any frontend, but only a backend API that can be connected to anything you know. We used Bootstrap 5 for the frontend after a short thought process.

Strapi allowed us to gain a foundation, which we then expanded to include features that are important to us. It is mainly about content management (portfolio, technology, blog, etc.) and their interconnection. In addition, the administration does not contain anything we do not need, which is a diametric difference compared to WordPress.

Now the management of the content of our website is very simple, clear and fast. We also quickly teach new colleagues how to work with the company website.

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