Kubernetes is an extensible open-source platform for managing containerized environments and services or applications.

It can manage resource allocation and traffic management. This simplifies many aspects of operating this type of application infrastructure.

We use Kubernetes within Google Cloud to manage our development and production environments for clients.

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JET - Intelligent Assistant

MORAVIO cooperates with JLL on the JET / Book a Desk project . We help develop a mobile application with virtual voice assistant that facilitates everyday tasks in the work environment to simplify operational tasks and provide the same convenience as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant offer in personal life.

Strapi powered node.js backend

As part of the completed transformation in recent years, when we switched from PHP to Javascript, we knew that in 2021 we will no longer want to build a new Moravio corporate website on the WordPress platform as before, but we will use javascript technology Node.js, which we already commonly use for software development for clients.

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