Remote Care in Moravio

Learn about the innovative remote care solutions and job opportunities at Moravio in this article.

Barbora Thornton

Barbora Thornton

Controlling Manager

26 May 2023
3 min read

One of the biggest challenges for companies embracing remote cooperation is how to take care of their remote coworkers and employees. Every company wants happy and content employees, even if they are thousands of miles away.

So how do you take care of people from such a distance?

The solution is straightforward - you need to keep an open mind and think outside the box. When you think of "benefits" for employees, you might imagine meal vouchers, company cars, phone plans, extra holidays, teambuilding events, company breakfasts, and other perks that are only available in-house. However, most of these benefits cannot be applied abroad or to coworkers who are traveling or of different nationalities.

Another important factor is having someone dedicated to taking care of your people. Do you have a "happiness manager" or a similar combination of people person, creative and highly organized, and outspoken individual?

This person needs to discuss, suggest processes, and execute everything mentioned above according to various legislations, payment methods, taxes, and other requirements. If you don't have such a person, you need some different, neat solution that's effective.

The answer is actually pretty simple - money.But not a bonus or a regular monthly contribution. People would accept that and not even consider it a benefit. And just to remind you - happy people have value not only in-house but also in promotion and marketing, which can attract new employees. That's the business side of altruism. So our "remote care budget" has its own rules.

So what is remote care in our understanding?

Although we are a remote-first company, we do some things together. We gather in our hubs for breakfast, go on one-day or weekend teambuilding events, provide equipment and back-office help, and celebrate Christmas and other occasions. However, you can't participate if you're living in Malaysia, Canada, or Brazil.

Therefore, we will talk about what's possible and within your reach, and you'll get a monthly budget that you can use as you want under one and a half conditions. You'll provide us with receipts, and if possible, some pictures. Of course, we don't need a picture of your new table lamp, but if you go for a meal in the company T-Shirt, we would love to see that and, with your permission, use it. If you're located outside the country of the company residence, we will discuss remote care and other compensations during onboarding, and we will specify the conditions individually.

Other Benefits

What are the most popular benefits for our remote coworkers?

All-English environment.

We speak English or our native languages, but it's natural for us. You'll meet and be in constant contact with natives and non-native speakers, which is great for practice and learning.


Although working remotely is nice, sometimes it's nice to "go to work." If you need such a thing, we can provide a place in the most convenient coworking space if it's nearby.

Welcome package.

Of course, it's our merchandise, but we try to send you good quality and useful things! We're also open to suggestions for what should be our next branded items.


As long as you're willing to do a good and responsible job, you have all the freedom in the world to work remotely.