Our first client from USA

For Moravio, the year 2019 became a year of new opportunities and challenges. The biggest one was without any doubt the chance to work for the US based company JLL.

26 Jan 2021
1 min read

JLL has been recognized as one of three biggest commercial real estate companies in the US and stands among the most successful companies on the market. We established a cooperation with an international team of developers with success.

Our developers extend across international teams and together we are working on virtual personal assistant purely developed for the needs of JLL properties. Our new assistant named JiLL is voice operated and all inputs are processed via AI. She can reserve a desk, find a free place to work, find out what is the lunch menu in nearby restaurants, report a technical difficulty in a room or make sure the user is following safety regulations. JiLL assistant focuses on work environment management, supports the smart building technologies, enhances the efficiency and organization and is now easier than ever.

All teams are spread in between many continents and time zones. We joined the multicultural workspace, communication is exclusively in English language, we're coordinating work in different time zones. This type of cooperation pushes us out of our comfort zones but moves us aggressively forward.

The cooperation level is outstanding and we are more than pleased that we can continue development every day.