Moravio, Silicon Valley and Another American Client

We have successfully launched a website with administration for the American top in providing a platform for the management of security regulations and risk management of companies.

27 Jan 2021
2 min read

It provides its clients with tools for privacy management, third-party risk management and cybersecurity. Among CENTRL Inc.'s clients companies such as Netflix or Salesforce include partners such as GrantThornton, EXL or Privageo.

CENTRL Inc. offers. several products in various ranges, combinations and variants, and the current website no longer met the increasing marketing demands or requirements for security or speed. The original custom site used and managed by the company was cumbersome and insufficiently agile to generate new pages and content. From an internal point of view, it did not correspond with which company CENTRL Inc. according to the words of its representatives, it is and what of its culture and atmosphere it wants to pass on to its current and potential clients and partners.

Due to its experience with technology, and after all with communication with American clients, Moravio was a suitable partner for outsourcing the design and development of new websites In addition to Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc., CENTRL Inc. became another Moravio client from the prestigious Silicon Valley and we cannot praise our cooperation on both sides.

We worked on the project for several months and participated not only in the design and production itself, but also in the selection of suitable technology. The client wanted to use an open-source platform, however, in terms of client data security, we excluded the first option under normal circumstances - WordPress. In the end, we built the project on a lesser-known, but in this case more efficient and suitable Hugo platform.

Thanks to pre-generated pages, Hugo offers greater speed and security, which were the client's main requirements. You can read more about this technology here.

We are currently working with the client on the final handover of the project to the administration and preparation of a case study, which will certainly bring interesting technological and marketing data.