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The year 2020 will go down in history as the year when the new coronavirus causing the COVID-19 disease seized the world. Some measures taken by governments to prevent the spread of the virus are <strong>having a negative impact on many societies across different industries</strong>.

27 Jan 2021
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On March 20, issued a report in which it offered to provide assistance in the form of advertising worth 100 million crowns for the most affected companies and entrepreneurs. This assistance also applied to our long-term client, the travel agency, which suddenly could not make its tours from day to day, thanks to the set measures.

Travel for real travelers. This is the main motto of the travel agency. You will not find mass and boring holidays in their offer, but on the contrary, they are based on the fact that you will always get to know something new with them and try adventure tours, where you do not have to arrange and solve anything yourself. In small groups, with enthusiastic guides, you will also visit hidden places that are not commonly mentioned in guides. asked for help and it was approved in April. The allocated budget could be used for banner advertising in the period from 15th to 28th June 2020. As part of this, we were able to choose specific websites from the List portfolio and banner formats that we wanted to use for the purposes of the subsequent campaign.

Goal setting and campaign preparation

Since it was not at all clear how the whole situation around coronavirus would continue to develop from April to June, we decided to prepare several scenarios on how we could make the best use of the advertising budget.

  • Scenario 1: Anti-coronavirus precautions end and it will be possible to travel further - we would launch a campaign to promote the sale of tours
  • Scenario 2: Anti-coronavirus precautions will continue and the prospect of travel will be slim in the next few months - we would launch a brand campaign
  • Scenario 3: Anti-coronavirus precautions will be gradually relaxed and the prospect of travel will be favorable in the coming months - we would launch a campaign to promote interest in travel

From the above scenarios, it was finally the third in a row. At that time, it was already possible to travel to some destinations again. In this scenario, we considered how to best use the donated budget and bring value to the client even in such a difficult time, when the interest in buying tours will not be the highest.

We saw this value in gaining new contacts with which Radynacestu could work later, when the situation calmed down and turned them into customers at that time. At the same time we wanted to get as many relevant contacts as possible, ie. people who like to get to know and enjoy travel. The last and most important piece of the puzzle was to figure out how to get such contacts.

First, we thought of making a simple competition, where those interested would enter the prize draw. But we rejected this relatively quickly because a lot of irrelevant contacts could enter the competition and it wasn't very interesting.

Another idea was to create an e-book that would be focused on travel and could contain travel advice and tips. But this idea was difficult to implement and at a time when there is not much interest in travel, there will be no interest in travel tips.

In the end, we thought of creating a travel quiz where the user could test what a traveler is. My client and I decided to show the quiz result to each user without having to contact us. After completing the quiz, we offered users the opportunity to play for travel gifts. At this stage, they had to leave us their e-mail. The competition was about products from the e-shop.

The client therefore compiled a travel quiz containing 15 questions and then placed it on his website.

Test questions

Test evaluation

Winning prizes

We also prepared advertising banners in formats according to the specification. We decided to choose from the offered advertising options on the, and home page servers.

Sample advertising banner

Within one campaign, the client also decided to promote a regularly updated map with places where it is possible to travel without restrictions. Thus, the total donated budget was divided between two advertising messages. The number of visits from the advertising campaign was divided into 59% of visits to the map page and 41% of visits to the quiz page.

Campaign results according to

  • Number of views: 4,611,254
  • Number of clicks: 9,058
  • Unique visitors addressed: 1,659,674

Results of the “Travel Quiz” campaign

  • Number of visits: 3 238
  • Number of completed quizzes: 1,239
  • Number of received e-mails: 179
  • Conversion rate according to the quiz: 38.26%
  • Conversion rate by visits: 5.53%

In this case, the price of the obtained e-mail is difficult to evaluate, as offered only the option of payment for 1000 impressions and each banner format on individual servers is evaluated differently. We did not receive information about the specific ratio of impressions of both advertising messages, and even though we had all the banners tagged, the price per e-mail would be very indicative. Given that it was a donated amount, this quantification is essentially irrelevant.

Final summary

In the light of very unfavorable travel events, we consider the implementation of the campaign to be successful. The client received a significant number of relevant e-mail addresses for potential clients from part of the donated budget. The interest in the quiz was also relatively high, as evidenced by the conversion rate of completing the quiz of 38%, which generally supported the brand impact of this campaign.

What worked

  • Quiz completion conversion rate vs. visits 38.26%
  • Quiz completion conversion rate vs. received e-mails 14.45%
  • Email Retrieval Conversion Rate vs. visits 5.53%
  • 1.66 million addressed unique users
  • Get emails in a creative and fun way for users

At the same time, we are aware that some things could be done better.

Potential for improvement

  • Tune the quiz to increase the conversion rate
  • Testing creative banners

Unfortunately, in these respects we were very limited in that we had to rely only on the rules offered by for drawing the donated budget.

Campaign restrictions

  • Targeting only to all users without the possibility of specification, eg according to interests
  • Unable to change creatives during campaign
  • Short duration of the campaign
  • Impossibility to split the budget between two different advertising messages
  • Restricted to certain web portals and banner formats only

Nevertheless, we have gained all the valuable knowledge that we will definitely use in the future, and other campaigns will be a lot better.