Agile product development and app rescue

Our team utilized agile product development and rescue project services to revitalize the Stardio. By utilizing agile methodologies, we were able to effectively collaborate with stakeholders, prioritize and adjust the product backlog, and release updates to the app that were of exceptional quality.

Šárka Skopalová

Šárka Skopalová

Product Manager

16 Nov 2022
4 min read

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Agile product development and app rescue for Stardio

The best-laid plans don't always work out the way you had hoped. This is as true of software development as it is of any facet of life. Thankfully, Moravio international software product development company understands the unpredictable nature of product development phase implementation and formed its app rescue product design and development division to assist clients in uncertain circumstances. Wherever you are in your current product development process, a Moravio app rescue team is always on hand to diagnose, discover, and design the way out of any faltering or failed project.

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Agile product development

Agile in project development refers to the steps of product development that are not confined by a linear undertaking of tasks performed in isolation of one another, but rather by a collaborative approach, where the findings and undertakings of one role inform subsequent decisions. As the complexities of assuming control and rescue of an existing project exceed those of building a new one, an agile approach is highly recommended in-app rescue and recovery projects. It's also necessary to employ professionals with Moravio's level of experience, adaptability, and problem-solving agile product development skills when attempting to resurrect a stalled or failed project. Moravio developers, designers, and QAs engage in product development steps that require fluid communication between roles and aim to fix all issues that arise from previous development attempts as well as new ones that emerge. The desired result is always a software application that is as highly-functioning, faithful to client demands, and as error-free as possible.

Rescue project

As an initial step in a Moravio rescue app service, our team will assess the validity of your current project to determine the scale of intervention required, If only minor alterations are necessary in order to reinvigorate the project or correct minor missteps, Moravio skilled professionals will address these. If our rescue product development management specialists deem that the project requires a larger scale recovery or reboot effort, as was the case with our takeover of the Stardio Live Fitness Platform project, Moravio will assemble a scalable team to execute all product development phases in full.

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Product development process

When Stardio approached Moravio, the company had an application in mind that had been designed in-house and for which they had a clear understanding of intention and functionality. Stardio's previous developer had been employed on a part-time basis but the company was dissatisfied with the speed and progress of the product development process. Their supplier lacked the technical and team-supported capacity to engage in a full-scale agile product development strategy and thus the project was at risk of failure. Our client presented Moravio with a four-month deadline for launching their application and we got to work.

Product development strategy

Stardio provided Moravio with a list of the bugs that had been encountered in their application so far, as well as the new features that they wanted to incorporate. Moravio explained its agile product development process to the customer and sketched a product development roadmap. Stardio had initially proposed OpenVidu technology for its platform, however, after conducting the necessary research and development into the existing code and structure of the application, Moravio determined this technology wasn't sufficiently scaleable. The Moravio team built the platform with LiveKit Cloud instead and it's currently capable of handling hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections, much to the customer's satisfaction.

Product development steps

Despite our client having a clear idea of how they wanted their application to function, they had no real experience in software development. Through continual open communication, our team was able to explain all the replanning and redesign steps that were necessary to get the app up and running, and also to arrive at an amended and more realistic deadline for final project delivery. Certain aspects of the application, such as its Classbuilder, required most of its functionality to be rebuilt, while others, such as the Stripe payment processing system needed a full integration. Overall, it was an in-depth and complicated project, for which Stardio awarded Moravio five out of five stars in the areas of affordability, scheduling, quality, and a willingness to refer our company to others.