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Optimizing Casting Workflows with Face Recognition


By creating an advanced face recognition system using dlib, AWS, and DynamoDB we we tackled the challenge of improving casting efficiency in the audiovisual industry. The implemented system successfully reduced both time and costs associated with traditional casting methods, leading to enhanced efficiency and transforming our client's operations.


In the fast-paced world of audiovisual and film production, our journey with a seasoned client brought us a unique challenge — crafting an advanced face recognition system. Discover how we successfully put together a robust solution, reshaping our client's casting processes.

Client's Challenge

Our client, a veteran in the audiovisual domain, faced the task of streamlining casting efficiency. They aimed to find a smoother way to identify similar faces within their extensive actor database, wanting to revamp the casting workflow and cut down on time and costs.


Our main goal was crystal clear: build a face recognition system that could swiftly identify similar faces, revolutionizing the casting workflow and offering a cost-effective alternative.

Proposed Solution

To meet our client's unique needs, we pitched a comprehensive solution. We tapped into the proven accuracy of dlib for face recognition and made use of AWS and DynamoDB for efficient data storage.

Implementation Process

The implementation journey involved careful data preprocessing for optimal face recognition and the integration of dlib to ensure accuracy. The seamless connection between DynamoDB and dlib ensured efficient face data management, providing real-time identification of similar faces.

Outcome and Conclusion

The face recognition system we implemented delivered exceptional results, significantly slashing the time and costs tied to traditional casting methods. Our client, witnessed enhanced casting efficiency, marking a positive transformation in their operations. This successful venture not only met but surpassed the client's expectations, handing them a powerful tool to elevate their casting processes.

The result of facial recognition software. Input and output profile image.

Sample result. Input image of Cameron Diaz (left) and output profile image of the most similar actress (right).

The result of facial recognition software. Input and output profile image.

Sample result. Input image of Scarlett Johansson (left) and output profile image of the most similar actress (right).

Next Steps

Want to dive deeper into image processing? Read our in-depth blog post about dlib library. For those on the lookout for innovative face recognition solutions or AI-related projects, we encourage you to explore how our expertise can bring value to your unique needs. Reach out to us for a consultation and uncover the possibilities that advanced technologies can offer.

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