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Landing Page for Notino's Mobile App

Moravio designed and implemented a customer-centric landing page for an online perfume and cosmetics shop's mobile app.

About the project

  • Summary of the project: at Moravio, our IT outsourcing custom development company, we had the exciting opportunity to design a captivating landing page for Notino, an online perfume and cosmetics shop's mobile app. The project aimed to create a visually appealing and user-friendly landing page that reflected Notino's design guidelines and catered to their customers' needs. Throughout the project, we diligently followed Notino's guidelines to ensure a seamless alignment with their vision and objectives.
  • How client chose us? We were selected for the project based on our high ratings and value-for-cost proposition. Notino was referred to us and recognized our expertise and reputation in the industry.
  • What was the teem size? Our dedicated team at Moravio, consisting of 2-5 employees, worked closely together to meet Notino's requirements and deliver outstanding results.
  • The scope of work involved the complete design of a new landing page for Notino's mobile application. We collaborated closely with Notino's main stakeholders to understand the beauty business and effectively reflect the customers' needs in the landing page design. Our key deliverables included a visually appealing, fresh, and modern look that aligned with Notino's brand design guidelines.

Results and Feedback

The new landing page design successfully achieved an overall fresh and modern look. As a result, there was a noticeable increase in website traffic, conversion rates, and time spent on the page, demonstrating the success of the project.

Project Management

Our project management approach was highly praised by Notino. We adhered to the established timeline and delivered the project on time. Our communication channels, such as virtual meetings and email updates, facilitated efficient collaboration and ensured smooth progress. Our project manager demonstrated excellent coordination skills and provided meeting notes with clear action points, minimizing miscommunication and keeping everyone informed.

Communication Channels

We maintained effective communication with Notino through virtual meetings and email or messaging apps. These channels allowed for timely updates, feedback exchanges, and ensured that we were aligned throughout the project.

Impressive and Unique Aspects

We impressed Notino with our meticulous attention to detail and emphasis on clear communication. Our recording of meetings and comprehensive meeting notes provided a reliable reference for all involved, eliminating misunderstandings. Additionally, our commitment to adhering to the timeline ensured transparency and allowed Notino to stay informed about the project's progress.


Our partnership with Notino to design a captivating landing page for their mobile app was a resounding success. The collaboration resulted in fresh and modern designs that increased website traffic, conversion rates, and time spent on the page. Our commitment to following Notino's brand design guidelines, attentiveness to feedback, and efficient project management contributed to the project's success.

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