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Bushman - outdoor clothing designed for women and men who love freedom and travel, exploration and adventure.


BUSHMAN is a Czech brand of clothing and equipment for outdoor and leisure time, founded in 1997. At present in addition to the Czech Republic it also operates in Slovakia, Germany or Benelux countries.

The cooperation started in July 2016. We took over the existing e-shops in the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia as for complete marketing and development / service administration and over time added an e-shop for Benelux, started selling on Amazon or Mall.cz . As part of online marketing, we have increased sales of e-shops, managing products and content, running a customer line and doing everything with a year-on-year revenue growth of 20%.

In order to save as much time as possible for the client, we worked closely with the warehouse system vendor. Thanks to this, we were able to respond flexibly and address the client's needs without him having to co-ordinate the entire co-operation.

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