- Cooperation on mobile application development

Cooperation in the form of outsourcing on the development of a mobile application.


We are cooperating with in the form of outsourcing on the development of a mobile application.

We have supplemented the company's internal development team with our capacity and together we are developing the final mobile application for an overseas client within the Scrum methodology. The app is being developed in React Native technology on both iOS and Android mobile platforms. React Native allows hybrid development, where the source code of the application is 80% the same for both mobile platforms and as a result can save considerable financial and time resources.

Development in this way is suitable wherever it is not necessary to squeeze the absolute maximum out of the hardware of the mobile device (e.g.: large numbers of data reads or writes, large amounts of calculations, etc.). For such cases, it is more suitable to develop directly native applications for each platform (e.g. Swift for iOS or Kotlin for Android). For everything else, React Native can be used effectively.

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