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Moravio has established a strong footprint in New York, bringing our expertise in digital solutions from the Czech Republic and Spain to the bustling market of the Big Apple. Our clients in New York, such as VCPR.ORG, have experienced firsthand the dedication and skill our team brings to web and mobile application development. With a strong focus on simplicity, pragmatism, and iterative design, we ensure that even the most complex solutions feel seamless for our users. Our mantra is to keep things simple and iterate often, and with over 50 professionals including developers, product managers, and designers at the ready, we tailor our approach to meet the client's specific needs.

One of our significant successes in New York involved working with VCPR.ORG, spearheaded by CTO & CEO James Leonard Ehrlich, DVM, to enhance their Frontend Development for Veterinary Protocol Platform. Our efficient project management and coding expertise led to an improved and stabilized application that supports veterinarians in creating and monitoring animal treatment protocols. "Moravio's quality services earned positive remarks. As a result, the client expressed the intention to continue working with the team for years," states Dr. Ehrlich, emphasizing our reliability and skills.

In terms of creativity in doing business, we understand the importance of discretion for our clients. This is reflected in our work with an international client on a Vector Based Map Editor to Create Beautiful Maps, where we developed a dynamic map application with extensive customization options. We showcased our prowess in handling sensitive projects under NDA, where the details of our engagement highlight our capacity to provide secure and bespoke digital solutions that cater to the specific needs of businesses in New York. Our commitment to delivering excellence is unwavering, whether we're working under tight security requirements or contributing to improvements in public-facing platforms.

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