Moravio Moves as a New York Web Development Company

Dive into this article to see how Moravio stands out in New York's web development scene with its innovative use of AI, client-focused solutions, and resilient approach in a dynamic tech environment. Perfect for businesses seeking a partner to bring their web development visions to life.

09 Nov 2023
7 min read

Witnessing how fast technology evolves with giant corporations working nonstop on bringing new services to the market, it's understandable that web development companies in New York City are booming. moravio has been expanding internationally over the past decade, establishing its position in the market.

Many firms create software, applications, or websites using various tools so that the final products may vary from basic to highly complex. Moravio teams have perfected their expertise in developing CRM systems, Portal Development, and various custom software for HR systems, Warehouse Management, Real Estate, Job Management, Shipping, Livestreaming, etc.

If you are looking for product management, co-development or dedicated teams of developers, Moravio is ready to pick up your idea as well as a product and move to its realization. Over the years, we turned our inner philosophy to being agnostic regarding the industry choice, and we welcome you to see our Portfolio cases that prove the extensive experience.

Web development in New York

If you need a website that effectively represents and expands your business, you can hire a web development company in New York. At Moravio, a company that provides services in web development in NYC, our full-stack consultants and web developers deliver custom solutions for businesses in various industries, both small and large, utilizing the finest content management system available today.

With maximum effort and attention to detail, our NYC web development team provides web application development services that precisely meet your and your business requirements.

We offer comprehensive web design services to boost your website's marketing efforts based on extensive market research, optimization rate, and user analytics performed in the shortest term by our experts, including custom software development, web application development, mobile application development, QA services, UI/UX design, DevOps services, Product research, design and development, tech due diligence, business analysis, and project rescue.

Working with only one web development company in New York City recently became difficult for some clients. Stability has become very important when many companies start their business daily but stop working due to the volatile economic environment and rising demands.

Implementing New Technologies

Moravio, as was previously stated, has concentrated its attention on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in custom software development. Our professionals use these technologies as solutions and tools in product development. Right now, AI helps to automate repetitive tasks, including testing, debugging, and code review. This also allows to cut the time spent and deliver software of better quality.

The most illustrious example of this line of work, we present to your attention Eagle. It's an AI-powered business assistant application made for small and medium businesses, designed to recognize requests made by users in natural language, interpret it into SQL commands, and then retrieve appropriate data from BigQuery.

Custom Software Development

Since Moravio has started working in the NYC development market, we have made several projects with the real-estate giant JLL company. The Portfolio Management System was designed specifically to manage tasks, track progress, and send real-time notifications, allowing to make comments. This web application helped to decrease the input of duplicate information about properties and leases and, finally, to significantly reduce the workload on documentation.

In terms of mobile application development, Moravio created JET for JLL company. This is an AI personal assistant handling various tasks, such as scheduling work meetings, booking conference rooms, communicating with colleagues, and reserving a desk. The app is also available for iOS and Android users, presenting an approach similar to Siri or Google Assistant.

The Workflow at Moravio

At Moravio, we strive to offer your company the best web development services. Despite having a short list of our clients in New York, we are proud that we have worked over a few years now with JLL, CENTRL and VCPR.ORG. We know that the most critical moment in our work is the first interaction with a client; it's a time when we're presenting ourselves and learning about your business objectives and project goals for web design and development. After that call, we compiled your information into a comprehensive proposal, including every step crucial to bringing your ideas to life. We would only hold our position among other reputable web development companies in New York if our work did not prioritize the client's vision and satisfaction. Once you approve the proposal, we provide you with a project brief in which you tell us everything we need to know, from the features you desire to the colors associated with your brand. Understandably, today, it's as easy as never to find a web development company in NYC that responds better to your requirements, company spirit, or even location. We are doing everything in our power for every client so they will come back again with a new idea.

Development is a process that knows no stop, only improvement. We use this information to analyze your industry and competitors in-depth. On this step, we understand that some clients prefer to compare the first-step results with other web development companies in NYC, but we are confident that once we start, we will continue our work with the client.

Then, we collaborate with our website design and development team to dissect the gathered data and put their expertise to use. Meanwhile, we watch other New York web development companies stay fully aware of the market and not miss the slightest change. After conducting all of this research, we present you with a document that outlines the project's scope and lays the foundation for its execution.

Consulting with Experienced Developers

Whether you have a backlog of your custom software or only an idea you want to implement, experts at our company are here to provide a consultation to define the best approach. Of course, hiring a team of developers and making custom products is a time-consuming process, which also has some accompanying challenges on the management and communication level.

Moravio has already picked on large projects and shown its team efficiency in handling AI and ML software that was required to deal with various business challenges. The presented results fully respond to the client's requirement, as you can see through the Portfolio cases. At Moravio, we comprehend and execute your business objectives under your company's core values. By choosing our company, you are getting inspired and dedicated to their craft web development company in New York City.

Q1. Where can I see the previous cases of Moravio's work?

Answer: We have a Portfolio page with the most recent web and mobile application development cases, along with the custom software.

Q2. What makes Moravio stand out among other web development companies?

Answer: Moravio has profound experience developing custom software for industry giants as JLL, as well as small businesses and start-ups.

Q3. What is Moravio's main area of expertise?

Answer: Moravio teams worked mostly on creating CRM systems, Portal Development, and various custom software for HR systems, Warehouse Management, Real Estate, Job Management, Shipping, Livestreaming, etc.

Q4. What are the top technologies Moravio incorporated into the software development?

Answer: Moravio keeps adopting new instruments, such as AI and ML, and applying them not only during software development but also in the product as technology.

Q5. How does Moravio hold a strong position among other companies?

Answer: Moravio focuses on delivering quality products and having among clients such big companies in NYC as JLL and CENTRL.