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Apache Kafka has been very popular in recent years. It is suitable for applications based on micro services, but also in other fields. It can be used as a distributed log, message broker and more.

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Extracting maximum value from online software investments and utilizing them to help scale a business is increasingly reliant on the accessing and interpreting of one key element, data. A company's data is its future growth potential, its competitive edge, and its marketing and sales impetus. Apache Kafka, originally an invention of the professional network LinkedIn, was designed as a scalable, distributed and reliable, asynchronous messaging technology. Its massive data operational and aggregational abilities have led to its increase in popularity, with The State of Developer Ecosystem Report of 2020 revealing Apache Kafka as the second most popular big data tool amongst data analysis engineers, with a usage rate of 18%. Moravio international software and applications development company assembled its dedicated Apache Kafka development division to respond to client demands for real-time data processing architecture that is centralized, highly scalable, and fault-tolerant. Twitter is Apache Kafka powered, AirBnB uses it as does Netflix, and Moravio's remote first Kafka software development teams are employing the technology in devising custom solutions for our valued clients across a range of industries.

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What is Kafka in software development

Moravio Kafka application development company

Moravio Kafka software development FAQs

What is Kafka in software development

Moravio hire Kafka developers employ the Apache Kafka open-source streaming data platform in client projects as it provides the following advantages:

  • Apache Kafka enables Moravio hire Kafka developers to implement user activity tracking pipelines for clients. This facilitates client access to valuable data used in predictive analysis of their own users. Apache Kafka can track their web and mobile application usage, registrations, likes, the amount of time spent on pages, and ordering details.
  • Apache Kafka developer solutions action real-time data processing. The very low latency rate of Apache Kafka makes it useful for predictive and preventative monitoring. For example, a financial institution can harness Apache Kafka's speed to respond in real-time to any fraudulent activity, while other organizations can use it to trigger alarms for maintenance work that can prevent system failures.
  • Apache Kafka's log data structure recommend it for use in the development of scalable microservices.

Kafka application development company

Moravio Kafka application development company is the satisfaction guaranteed, time efficient, and cost-effective way of accessing Kafka software development. Moravio provides the flexibility to remote hire Kafka developer talent on a singular basis to augment a company's internal IT staff projects, or alternatively to hire a Moravio managed Apache Kafka developer team. Moravio full cycle development teams include a project manager who will maintain close contact with the client, as well as every other role required to deliver the development project in full. Moravio has more than fifty of the industry's finest software engineers, QA professionals, UX designers, and project managers on staff, and will scale a team that matches talent to the task. Moravio hire Kafka developers enable a company to get started on a project right away. If you're an emerging business, this can mean launching with sophisticated web and mobile applications without needing to hire internal development professionals. Access to Moravio scaled developer teams also means clients can expect applications that are quality assured, high performance, and that implement the abilities and complexities of Apache Kafka and other related technologies at the highest level. Moravio developer teams have combined to deliver hundreds of projects globally and represent a software development ecosystem that is continually renewing its developer experience and industry insight.

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Kafka software development FAQs

Our business is in the process of scaling but we're not entirely sure if Apache Kafka will work for us, can Moravio help?

All Moravio hire Kafka developers are experts across a wide range of technologies and work to come up with a software solution that's tailored to your unique circumstances. Moravio developers will assess whether Apache Kafka is preferable for your company's needs or whether you may benefit more from a simpler task queue or data storage solution.

We're a large organization with high volume data requirements, can Moravio handle a job of any size?

Yes we can, as Moravio developers teams are as scalable as the solutions we create, no project is too large for our company to handle. Moravio professionals are experts at engaging in collaborative and agile development processes which involve as many team members as required.


Moravio boutique Apache Kafka developer company is a way of outsourcing software development that improves on quality, speed, and cost. If your company has an idea it would like developed with Kafka, or wants to gain a deeper understanding of what is Kafka in software development and how it may suit your firm's situation, schedule a meeting with Moravio today.


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