Software Project and Application Rescue Services

Some projects sometimes don't have a happy ending. Sometimes they don't end at all. If you have found yourself in a situation where your project has stopped, slowed down significantly or you are dissatisfied with the current progress, we may be able to help you. We have already saved several projects.

Software Project and Application Rescue Services

Saving a bad project is never easy, but there are techniques and procedures that can help you save it successfully. Successful rescue does not necessarily mean a successfully completed project in the original scope, but for example newly agreed conditions and scope, adjustment of cooperation or ideas about the final project.

What can we offer you as part of saving the project?

Validation and analysis of an existing project

At the beginning, we will agree with you on the initial analysis of your project. This analysis can take from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size of your project or mutual agreement. From this analysis, we will find out whether the project is really in a bad condition or not, and also whether only minor corrections will be necessary or large interventions will be needed.

Project rescue plan

If during the analysis we find out that the project is really in a bad condition, we will compile a rescue plan for you. This means that you will receive a specific list of steps from us, that will need to be taken in order for the project to get back on the right trajectory. In addition, we will give you all the materials that we created during the analysis (these can be various diagrams, compiled user stories of a functional project, a list of individual roles, etc.)


If you believe that you can complete the project with an existing supplier, we can provide you with consultations and train you more in the individual steps, their pitfalls and possible solutions.

Takeover of the project

If the trust with your supplier is already so disturbed and you do not believe that they can complete the project, then we can offer you our services and take over the entire project. We have experience with this and we have already saved several projects in this way.

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