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Some projects sometimes don't have a happy ending. Sometimes they don't end at all. If you have found yourself in a situation where your project has stopped, slowed down significantly or you are dissatisfied with the current progress, we may be able to help you. We have already saved several projects.

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Saving a bad project is never easy, but there are techniques and procedures that can help you save it successfully. Successful rescue does not necessarily mean a successfully completed project in the original scope, but for example newly agreed conditions and scope, adjustment of cooperation or ideas about the final project.

What can we offer you as part of saving the project?

Validation and analysis of an existing project

Validation and analysis of an existing project

At the beginning, we will agree with you on the initial analysis of your project. This analysis can take from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size of your project or mutual agreement. From this analysis, we will find out whether the project is really in a bad condition or not, and also whether only minor corrections will be necessary or large interventions will be needed.

Project rescue plan

Project rescue plan

If during the analysis we find out that the project is really in a bad condition, we will compile a rescue plan for you. This means that you will receive a specific list of steps from us, that will need to be taken in order for the project to get back on the right trajectory. In addition, we will give you all the materials that we created during the analysis (these can be various diagrams, compiled user stories of a functional project, a list of individual roles, etc.)



If you believe that you can complete the project with an existing supplier, we can provide you with consultations and train you more in the individual steps, their pitfalls and possible solutions.

Takeover of the project

Takeover of the project

If the trust with your supplier is already so disturbed and you do not believe that they can complete the project, then we can offer you our services and take over the entire project. We have experience with this and we have already saved several projects in this way.

Rescue software project

If your company is dissatisfied with the progress of a current software project that may be running over time, budget, isn't meeting your target functionality, or appears in danger of total collapse, you're not alone. Recent industry analysis suggests a majority 66% of technology projects end in partial or complete failure. Failed projects can exert a heavy cost on your your business, draining revenue and productivity. Moravio is the software project rescue agency with a solution. We're happy to come on board at any stage and assist in resuming, restarting, or reorienting any software project to a satisfied conclusion. Avoid falling victim to things not going to plan by adapting the plan with Moravio's rescue me software project and application services.

Table of Contents

Software project rescue stages

Software rescue specialists at Moravio

Moravio's rescue me software response


Software project rescue stages

A successful Moravio software project rescue is always managed in three stages:

  • At Moravio our first step is to analyze the state of your project, and assess why it hasn't gone to plan. Our team will conduct a thorough investigation to determine what type of software rescue is relevant to your situation, and whether minor tweaks or a major restoration are required.
  • Moravio will then develop a rescue software plan tailored to your needs. This will include a detailed list of the steps we intend to take, as well as all the materials from our analysis that will help you understand our plan, such as compiled user stories of a functional project and the Moravio team roles we will be implementing.
  • Step three is where you decide if you would like Moravio to develop our rescue plan in consultation with an existing supplier or if you would like us to take over the project in its entirety.

Software rescue specialists at Moravio

Ultimately it's people that save projects and not rescue software alone. This is why at Moravio we've assembled the finest fleet of highly trained software experts from around the globe. Our fifty-strong international team of remote working project managers, rescue software developers, QAs, designers, and other professionals, have the combined skills and experience to successfully resume, restart, or reorient to completion, any failing software project. Moravio software rescue team members are vetted according to previous successful project outcomes, leadership and teamwork skills, and competencies across a diverse range of evolving technologies, tools, and industries. Previous successful Moravio rescue software project executions include a takeover and further development of NDA's search and booking portal for wellness stays to increase its commercially viability and resolve pre-existing software shortcomings. An additional portfolio software rescue success is Moravio's work on Chefparade's world famous Czech cooking school website, which required improvement, enrichment, and enhanced speed.

Moravio's rescue me software response

Developers worldwide were surveyed on the main reasons for software project failure.

Here's the top 8 risk factors for project collapse, and how Moravio's customized rescue me software plan can assist:

  • changing or poorly documented requirements - Moravio's project analysis assesses all necessary system and rescue software requirements.
  • underfunding or under-resourcing - Moravio has all necessary talent in-house to ensure cost-effective team rescue software packages.
  • poor team or organizational management - Moravio provides dedicated project managers with proven leadership and organizational skills.
  • insufficient testing time - Moravio software project rescue plans devote adequate time and attention to QA.
  • lack or loss of talented in-house staff - Moravio fills any roles or competencies that are lacking in your firm.
  • project exceeding timelime - Moravio's comprehensively assembled teams adjust to a predetermined time frame delivery.
  • pre-mature software release - Moravio quality control is present at all stages of software development, testing, and delivery.
  • immature development tools and application platforms - Moravio work only with cutting-edge technologies and innovative application solutions.

Rescue software project FAQs

Can Moravio help with updating our banking applications?

Absolutely. As more financial service institutions move towards the adoption of open APIs, there is increased need within the sector for rescue bank application services. Moravio has a team ready to assist with reshaping your organizational software to enhance customer experience and increase productivity.

We're not entirely sure what's gone wrong with a current project, can Moravio help?

Yes we can. One of the features of Moravio's software rescue agency is that we keep our customers in the loop throughout the process. After an initial analysis of the state of your project, we provide you with a breakdown of all our recommended steps, as well as Business Process Model and Notation diagrams describing what's gone wrong and how we intend to fix it..

Can I read more about previous Moravio rescue software projects?

Yes, we share detailed stories of some of our successful rescue projects [here](/portfolio)


Moravio is a dedicated software project rescue firm with all the talent, inspiration, and technical wizardry, to help your company achieve successful completion of any stalled, flawed, or unsatisfactory project. Contact our team to discuss your software project rescue concerns today.


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