Moravio - A system for managing the entire workflow of a company

We created custom software for a czech company intended for a foreign market. This software helps break down the communication barrier of the company and its clients and streamlines the company's work.


A system for managing the entire workflow of a company

We have created a system for czech company to manage the entire workflow of the company, and this software is intended primarily for the foreign market. The software connects the company with its clients within individual cases (orders), who also have access to their case in the application after initial registration and approval. This stipulates that both parties always have the same information at the same time and also removes the imaginary barrier for communication (for example, via emails).

Within the system it is possible to:

  • register users and set different roles for them (client, manager, reception and more),
  • assign tasks for individual roles in specific cases with clients,
  • overview to manage individual cases, tasks, users and contacts
  • personalized dashboard for each user of the system,
  • automatic sending of e-mails, including notifications when date is overdue,
  • file / document upload and filling in of the questionnaires with a huge number of setting options.

An interesting part of this cooperation was the creation of a system for complex questionnaires. These questionnaires are often about the size of dozens pages and sometimes even have few hundred questions. Within the creation of individual questionnaires, it is possible to create a large number of different types of questions and answers, which are filled in by the clients. Questions and answers can be of different types, depending on what the client is asked, such as: date, phone number, integers, URL, file upload, etc. Questions can be structured for one clear answer, or multiple correct answers within one question.

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