Dolní Vítkovice - Dolní Vítkovice Website Redesign

Complete redesign of the website presentation of a world-unique complex in the heart of Europe Dolní Vítkovice.


Redesign of the Dolní Vítkovice website -

Dolní Vítkovice , also sometimes referred to as "Ostravské Hradčany", is a world-unique industrial complex that is visited by over 1.6 million visitors a year.

Our goal was to redesign the entire site to make it easier for visitors to navigate the site. Due to the fragmentation of information, where the entire area was represented by three separate sites (Dolní Vítkovice, Svět Techniky and Landek Park), we decided to concentrate all the information into a single site. Therefore, it was necessary to design and create a completely new information architecture . This step was preceded by thorough analysis of all information, content, related systems , etc. In order for the resulting site to meet the requirements for well-structured information and easy to find solution, we went into the field and did user research .

Key web functionalities:

  • Unify and simplify the navigation and information architecture - Instead of 3 sites, create one, highlight important information, and omit a lot of irrelevant ones.
  • Responsive design - more than half of visitors come to the web from mobile devices.
  • Page load speed - an important factor that plays a big role not only in search engines.
  • Simplify site administration - all information on the site is administrable and can be changed at any time.
  • Automatic display of opening / closing status of objects.

What Our Clients Tell About Us

Moravio's involvement brought a concrete project execution to the project. Their expansive internal team commended the vendor for its dedication towards their company's needs. In the end, there were significantly fewer emails and phone calls thanks to FAQs inserted into the website. 4.5/5

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