Good data provides indisputable evidence, while anecdotal evidence, assumptions, or abstract observation might lead to wasted resources due to taking action based on an incorrect conclusion.


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<a href="/project-analysis-and-architecture">Analysis and Architecture</a>

Analysis and Architecture

Before starting a project, determine if the benefits outweigh the costs with a cost-benefit analysis. Pre-construction documents and cost analysis evaluates whether or not the project can be built according to the plans and specs, budget, timeline

<a href="/technical-due-diligence-service">Technical Due Diligence Service</a>

Technical Due Diligence Service

Process of evaluating conditions of the product, if it matches expectations. Mandatory in process of acquiring the companies

<a href="/research-and-discovery">Research and Discovery</a>

Research and Discovery

To be able to create a great product, we need to first thoroughly examine and describe the environment in which you operate your product. We need to know in detail your business, customers, market and competition.

<a href="/software-project-rescue">Rescue project</a>

Rescue project

If you have found yourself in a situation where your project has stopped, slowed down significantly or you are dissatisfied with the current progress, we may be able to help you. We have already saved several projects.

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Logo: Stardio

Stardio - Live Fitness Platform is an online platform for a live streaming of fitness classes. Trainers design lessons, invite an audience and broadcast workouts live. Members can subscribe to the lessons of their choice.

Logo: JLL

JET - Artificial Intelligent Business Assistant

JET is your personal AI assistant. Imagine having Siri or Google Assistant at your workplace. Book desks, rooms, schedule meetings, ask about colleagues. You can do all that and more just by asking JET.

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