Research and Discovery

To be able to create a great product, we need to first thoroughly examine and describe the environment in which you operate your product. We need to know in detail your business, customers, market and competition.

Research and Discovery

Business Analysis

We discuss and listen. Of course with you and about your business. We need to absorb a lot of information, understand business processes, know your needs and the needs of your target groups. We need to know your goals to evaluate the success of the product.

Market and competition research

We will focus on the field of your business, do market research, analyze the needs and behavior of your target group. We analyze the competition and find ways to differentiate ourselves.

User research

The product we design must perfectly meet the needs of your customers. Therefore, we will focus on exploring their real problems that they need to solve.

Research and discovery with Moravio

Even the brightest of ideas will benefit from a dedicated research and discovery phase, and investment at this crucial conception point strongly impacts a project's subsequent success rate. With 57% of all software projects exceeding their budget , the cost and time spent fixing issues that arise after deployment is more wisely allocated towards thorough pre-development research. Moravio is the world-leading international software development with a dedicated Research and Development department ready for deployment. Whether you've got a digital product idea that needs testing, requires further development, or redesign, our research and development engineers have the industry experience to get you to market sooner, faster, and more fluently.

Table of Contents

Benefits of research and development in a business

Moravio research and development team services

Moravio pre-development research services


Research and development in a business

Moravio's research before development stream provides your business with the following benefits:

  • We save you on staff costs - Moravio will assemble a remote team dedicated to your project discovery phase. This may include Moravio research and development engineers, business analysts, market researchers, quality testers, and project managers.

  • We save you time and money - Investing in our research and development phases will save you from wasting resources and revenue on bringing substandard or failing products to market.

  • We save you on purchase costs - Moravio research and product development will provide all the hardware, software, and equipment that is specific to the research and discovery phase, as well as relieve you of the costs associated with recruiting specialist pre-development research staff.

Research before development

Moravio's assemblage of more than fifty software experts from around the globe, forms our remote-first collaborative company who have combined in the successful delivery of various projects. Our research before development service commences with gaining a solid understanding of the goals and intentions behind any digital products or services you intend to bring to market.

After more than 10 years our extensive experience tells us that the more we understand about your business environment, the more effectively our research and product development team can engage in product analysis and design, competitor review, and customer evaluation.

Cost-effective pre-development research

Research and development in a business project is an often expensive process that, as outlined in industry data, requires significant investment in equipment and materials. Moravio pre-development research helps minimize these costs by supplying all the necessary talent, testing, and focus, required to implement sound, structured, and repeatable testing activities that evaluate efficacy and value, and inform a successful development process.


Our company has created a product that we know will appeal to our customers, do we really need to hire research and development engineers?

Yes, and Moravio can help. Regardless of how great your product idea is, and how well you understand your target customers and their needs, only an experienced research and development engineer can ensure that the right technological choices are made. At Moravio we employ the latest cutting-edge technologies, and the experienced personnel to match.

Our industry is very niche, how will Moravio research our customer needs?

One of the things we do best at Moravio is adapt. We learn through listening to our customers, and evolve our research methodologies and discovery practices to suit the specific industry environment of your expertise.


Partner with Moravio's research and development team and we'll be there for you every step of the way. From interpreting your inspiration, identifying your business and customer goals, to assessing and addressing product design, development, testing, deployment, and integration.

As one of Clutch's Top 50 Fastest Growth companies, Moravio is ready to grow your great ideas, helping you to deliver a high-performance digital product shaped by advanced solutions and dedicated research.


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