Moravio stands with Ukraine

We take action to support Ukraine, as they defend our freedom.

27 Mar 2022
2 min read


We were able to build a company based on respect and mutual striving for greatness, no matter the nationality, religion, or race. This is only possible in a free world based on democracy. Now are all our values under attack. Russia attacks Ukraine.

Dictatorship attacks Democracy.

This is the War Against the Freedom.

It's time to act and show one's real face because this war touches everyone. It is not just a heartbreaking humanitarian crisis, it is a world-changing crisis.

Actions are louder than words::

  • Cooperate with Microsoft to collect humanitarian aid.
  • Donated more than $10,000 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Sent 3 vehicles for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Provided accommodation for 12 refugees and evacuees (adults with children, a dog and a cat).
  • We bought 4 body armors, 1 thermal imager and walkie-talkies, military
  • clothing sets for 25 people.
  • We made the way from Ostrava to Slovakia-Ukraine to take out humanitarian aid for Ukraine, also the way Barcelona-Prague-Ostrava Uzhhorod to take all the collected humanitarian aid (fully packed bus) for the military and to Chernihiv City.
  • Our team went out to rallies in Prague and Barcelona, gave interviews for the Spanish television, went to humanitarian warehouses, and sorted food, and hygiene products.
  • We hired 4 Ukrainian women, 2 Ukrainnian men and continue to actively look for candidates from Ukraine.

Much has been done, but still, this is not enough, much more needs to be done to isolate Russia from the world. We believe that the victory of Ukraine is the victory of Democracy over despotism.

Today, together we are doing everything possible, sometimes even impossible, to bring peace to Ukraine. The company's position is clear and transparent - condemning the war and helping the country!

Glory to the heroes!