Moravio is one of the TOP 100 fastest growing B2B companies in the international ranking


Every year, the platform compiles an international ranking of the fastest growing IT companies based on the documented turnover from previous years. In 2021, thanks to its hard work and great clients, Moravio has also made it into this ranking.

23 Jun 2021
2 min read

The selection of an IT partner is quite complex, which is why independent platforms such as need to offer the possibility of an objective evaluation of such service providers. Based on verified references on our profile and documented turnover from recent years, has ranked us this year among the 100 highest growing companies in their catalogue for the past year.

"Congrats! Moravio is a part of the 2021 Clutch 100!"

That's exactly what the email we recently received from the platform said. What does it mean? is the leading international platform for ranking and comparing companies providing services in many areas of the B2B market, especially in development, IT and marketing, and compiles a ranking of the fastest growing companies every year. It then ranks companies according to their percentage growth in turnover year-on-year. The ranking is global, so companies from all over the world are represented. For the record, there are over 19,260 companies in the category of custom software development alone, which is also Moravio domain.

In the overall international ranking, we are ranked 45th worldwide and 1st in the Czech Republic.

Of course, it is a great honour for us to be ranked alongside the world's top companies, but we also feel a sense of gratitude and obligation. We would like to thank all our employees and associates who make up the team without which nothing would be possible. Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Moravio has maintained drive, motivation and we have not lost focus on the goals we have set for ourselves. Similarly, thanks to all our clients who are interested in taking their business further and investing prudently in IT, even though the economy has taken a major hit in recent years.

Being ranked in the Top 100 fastest growing B2B companies on is another step on the path of continuously expanding our portfolio of satisfied clients and improving and strengthening our cooperation with existing clients.