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Barbora Thornton

Barbora Thornton

Controlling Manager

12 Sep 2023
6 min read

Gone are the days when sick leave, a pet-friendly environment, and office coffee were considered cool. That's the new standard (hopefully); employers taking care of their employees. When we talk about benefits, we're thinking more about how they can contribute to your comfort and personal development. So, what are ours? As we've already mentioned in some of our previous articles, we are a remote-first company, which means we have hubs, co-working spaces, and home offices. This brings a lot of challenges and requires us to think about how to create fair and useful benefits. In our business strategies and approaches, we aim to be flexible. We can accommodate explorers, early adopters, 9 - 5 workers, and time-zone swappers. And equally so we are trying to be flexible in the benefits, we are offering.


Perhaps "benefits" is not the word we should be using here. We see Moravio as a platform for personal growth and development. So, you might not see the following list as "benefits" in the conventional sense, but we are confident that those we are looking for will.

English-speaking environment

English is our primary language. It's highly likely (almost certain) that at least one of your teammates, the client you'll work with, or your project manager won't speak your mother tongue. All our meetings are conducted in English and you can rely on all of your colleagues to understand and speak it. Why is this a benefit? Well, if you've ever wanted to practice English on a daily basis, here's your chance.

Remote Working

We have hubs and offices. But frankly, we don't care where you're based, whether you're traveling or just staying at home. We are excited to support your extra work activities - live your life exactly as you want. You can read more about remote working at Moravio here.

Non-toxic Culture

What does non-toxic mean? Simply put, a non-toxic environment is one where the chemistry is right. That's something we've never taken for granted. We've been around and have experienced a lot of human interaction. And we can tell when something is not really healthy. So, sometimes we might seem harsh, but we are looking not just for a professional fit, but also for the right chemistry.

Transparency - As Much As We Can

We aim to share everything with you. With all the context and complexity, we trust your ability to see things on a larger scale. When the company is thriving, we share the joy and explain what investments we're making. When we're facing difficult times and are forced to make some unpopular choices, you'll know about it. And if you ever have any questions - feel free to ask. We are here for you all the time.

Individual Approach

Work hours, benefits, type of cooperation, special needs... we don't believe in one-size-fits-all policies. We will negotiate and tailor your work environment, especially for you.


One of the most important things we do is to have regular 1-on-1 meetings with each other. Why do we do this? Because we care about our people and we want to make sure they are happy, motivated and supported in their work.

360 Evaluations Twice a Year

Twice a year you'll have an evaluation meeting - not as a threat, but as a great opportunity. We'll discuss our and your satisfaction with work, environment, pay, communication, etc. Every few weeks, you'll have regular HR check-ins, to see if everything is okay, and if not, how can we resolve it? If any issue arises, rest assured that there are people around you who you can contact and they will assist.


As we mentioned in one of our previous articles, remote work can be challenging. However, alongside our main or traditional benefits, we have added some special ones for remote employees.

Remote Care

Even if you enjoy working remotely, you might miss certain aspects - events especially, and comfortable offices perhaps too. So, we willcompensate by offering a special bonus for remote workers called "Remote Care".

Town Hall Meetings

Whether you call it a Town Hall, All Hands, or All Company meeting, it's a place where you can learn about other projects, colleagues, company performance, what to expect, and ask about anything you want to know. Our managers hold such online meetings once a month and strive to provide all the necessary information.


We're accustomed to working across different time zones, with different cultures and nationalities. We use numerous tools to minimize the time spent on in-person meetings. We primarily use asynchronous communication and sync only when necessary. This system can only function effectively within a framework of work and time management, responsibilities, and trust. We can address any issues, but we first need to be aware of them.


Of course, we're not living on Mars (yet); we understand what's expected. So, what do we offer?


Referral, Loyalty, Performance, and many others. We don't give bonuses regularly, but we pay close attention and try to recognize and reward all efforts and excellent work.


One of the few local benefits (in the Czech Republic) is a Multisport Card and overall support for physical activities. We have also our own Gym in Ostrava Hub.

Company Mobile Plan

All our employees are on an unlimited company mobile plan. And those working remotely will receive an equivalent contribution for theirs.

Budget for AI services and tools

We are trying to stay on the wave with the newest technologies. The AI is a gamechanger and we support you to use it as much as it is possible. For that reason you will get budget for AI services and tools.

Paternity Leave

For two weeks after a new baby is born, we don't just pay the mandatory 70% of the salary, we pay 100%.


Teambuildings, breakfasts, parties, BBQs, workshops, trips, and more.

Hubs and Coworking

...and if you're remote and still missing some contact with others, or just want to change your work environment occasionally...

Car Rental Deals

One of our less frequently used but highly appreciated benefits is a relationship with a local car dealership. We can negotiate private lease hires for Skoda cars and offer a great deal for you or anyone else.