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For Junglee, we have created a new information system from the ground up for the management of part-time jobs, employees, cash flows and their payments, statistics and more.

Junglee receives monthly data on thousands of jobs and is not humanly able to process them manually. Until now, the company used its own older internal system, but it was no longer enough for the volume of data or the complexity of processes. In order for Junglee to continue to grow, they needed to create a new internal information system from the ground up.

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Programming the system was only half the work for us. We are most proud of the fact that, thanks to intensive analysis and communication with the client, we were able to accurately map and capture the company's internal processes. The transition to the new internal system was smooth and saves the client time and resources from the first day of its use.

What Our Clients Tell About Us

Moravio provided an effective workflow and they met the pre-established deadlines. After the project, the client decided to continue to expand their cooperation with the team. Clutch logo 5/5 ⭐

Peter Huszár

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