Minimum Viable Product

Is it possible to build from the zero to hero such product as Google? Challenging? Yes. Possible? Yes. Risky? A lot. It involves many risks and costs. Is it reasonable for projects mainly in a constantly changing market?


MVP key benefits

Reduced Risk

Reduced Risk

We don’t want to help you build a full-featured product only to discover the market doesn’t want it. We want you to succeed. That’s why we focus on the vital features needed to test your product’s main assumptions – leaving unnecessary features behind, or saving them for later iterations.

Reduced Cost

Reduced Cost

By cutting down the feature list to the essential core that is needed to prove your product’s assumptions, you’re not only reducing the risk but also reducing the cost. You will spend less on product development and at the initial iteration phase – fewer features equals less maintenance.

Time to Market

Time to Market

The quicker you can test your assumptions the quicker you can get to market. By saving time you will save a considerable amount of energy by using this streamlined methodology.

Focus on Growing the Business

Focus on Growing the Business

Building an MVP is the quickest way to grow your business – especially if you use expert product builders to help you. It allows you to focus on the business vision. Bringing a team of experts on board will kick-start your business and get the ball rolling – and, in the beginning, is much quicker and safer than hiring an in-house team.

How from the start to spring up to the market quickly with a high-quality product for a reasonable price?

MVP software development for startups

The unfortunate truth in business, is that the vast majority of startups will fail, and in order to claim a position in the 10% of new enterprises that succeed, it's necessary to invest in more than talent and great ideas. The reality is that many startups collapse not because they lack great ideas, but because they failed to invest sufficiently in pre-launch activities. These activities are designed to strengthen a product's market success rate, achieving maximum launch viability and growth potential for its creators. Moravio international web and mobile application company and its dedicated MVP development service, have been coordinating and executing these vital preparatory processes for a worldwide entrepreneurial clientele for over ten years. Our MVP development teams know the value of their work, as they themselves have been the originators, the developers, and testers of great ideas. Global success stories that grew their offerings from an initial startup development service perspective, or MVP, include Uber, Figma, Slack, and Dropbox. In order to leverage the potential of your great ideas, and perhaps go on to achieve unicorn success of your own, connect with a digital-industry acclaimed firm and hire MVP startup developer services at Moravio.

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What does MVP stand for in software development

Moravio MVP development agency

MVP app development services

MVP software development company

MVP development process

MVP development for tech startup

Moravio MVP Vs Freelance MVP

Bespoke MVP development company

Startup MVP development service

MVP development for startups

SAAS MVP development

Successful startup MVP


What is MVP is software development

What is MVP:

  • MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product.
  • MVP is a discovery process designed to test an idea in a market environment.
  • MVP is an accelerated learning of a product's uses and benefits.
  • MVP is identifying a product's pressure points or failings.
  • MVP is collecting data to analyze a product's functionality during the development phase.
  • MVP is selecting a product's most useful and desirable features.
  • MVP is remaining curious and open to modifications and reductions during development.
  • MVP is not being afraid to with-hold certain features for future iterations.
  • MVP is about having maximal impact with the least amount of resources possible.

MVP development services

In 2020 Moravio transitioned to become a remote-first software development company. Originating, and headquartered, in the Czech republic, and with additional offices in locations such as the tech hub of Barcelona, Moravio has long been the premier MVP development agency in Eastern Europe. With the digital realm a borderless expanse, we saw the benefit of extending our service reach via remote-delivery. Our highly trained, industry veteran MVP developer teams are now capable of providing bespoke MVP development services to clients in countries across the globe. Our goal, to offer the best MVP software development services in the US, is augmented by the establishment of an additional office in New Jersey. With MVP agile development that's tailored exclusively to your needs, Moravio is here for you, wherever in the world here is.

Building MVPs Across Diverse Industries

At Moravio, our expertise knows no bounds when it comes to building Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). We understand that innovation doesn't adhere to industry boundaries, and we've proven our prowess in diverse sectors. Allow us to showcase our capability with a prime example: A dynamic online platform designed for live streaming fitness classes. Check it out here

Stardio stands as a testament to our capacity to create bespoke MVPs. Whether it's fitness, e-commerce, healthcare, or any other sector, Moravio has the versatility and experience to transform your concept into a thriving MVP. Our track record of success speaks for itself, and we're poised to turn your vision into reality. Reach out to us today, and let's embark on a journey to bring your MVP to life.

MVP app development company

App development is a highly creative, potentially lucrative, and competitive field. Successful apps don't just employ software that works, they deliver software that users want.

At Moravio, our MVP app development company focuses heavily on client communication in order to drive successful startup MVP services. The more our teams can understand about who you are and what your vision is for your specific app, the better, we strive for ultimate communication with your consumer target audience, and work an MVP in app development approach that relies on rigorous analysis, testing, and prototyping.

An app without an engaged user is useless as a tool for scaling your enterprise, and our experts work diligently across their roles of expertise to prevent this from happening. Got a great app idea for your startup, but are in need of concept validation, value analysis, and other pre-launch activities, contact our friendly Head of Business Development to arrange a discussion today.

Unlock the Potential of Your App Concept

Explore concept validation, value analysis, and more.

MVP web development

Manifestations of successful MVP web development should harness the maximum amount of provable consumer knowledge about your product with the least amount of energy. A Moravio-devised MVP definition of processes will change according to the scale and type of your intended product or service. It should always function to test and enhance a product with minimal cost to the client. Moravio bespoke MVP development company understand the financial pressures of running a business, especially an emerging one. We offer an affordable alternative to engaging in single hire MVP development for startup freelance services, that will necessitate additional hires to complete the process. Moravio saves your business time and money on the hiring and onboarding of MVP specific staff. We already have a team of experts ready to serve your MVP needs. Our company offers the flexibility for you to choose your level of involvement, from an entirely Moravio managed team, to a collaboration with your internal staff.

MVP development process

Moravio implements an agile development process in or MVP development services, the same industry best-practice we use across our wide range of client projects. This entails a unification of all Moravio team members assigned to your project, so that they can work in an incremental and iterative way across functionalities, and cycle through a continuous plan of executing, evaluating, and refining. Agility as a core feature of our MVP development process allows for the smart integration of user response, to form a feedback loop that informs further testing and modification. In this way, we can develop an MVP that we then bring to a select user group of early adopters. The user responses ae then utilized in the analysis and discovery process to settle upon the core features of your MVP. Moravio's MVP agile teams scale to your project needs, expanding and contracting roles as required. In this way, we offer our clients a value service where you care never paying for the hire of unnecessary staff. The process always begins with a consultation to understand who you are, what your industry is, and who you are developing for. Moravio can then attach the relevant expertise to your team and proceed with a customized MVP developer delivered plan.

MVP development for tech startup

MVP is a beneficial undertaking for any company on the cusp of launching a new product. MVP development for startups is of particular benefit due to the economic and branding vulnerability of startups. Moravio.s MVP development for tech startup division understands the unique pressures facing tech entrepreneurs who are eager to release their technology, whilst often facing budgetary constraints, unfinished product solutions, and a lack of marketplace visibility. At Moravio, our startup development company specialists have extensive experience on the frontline of tech creation. It's this depth of experience that enables them to deliver MVP startup software development services tailored to your individual circumstances. When you hire Moravio experts, you'll benefit from the hundreds of projects we've developed, discovered, collaborated on, rescued, or designed from scratch. We can help you deploy an MVP that delivers just enough to the marketplace to create value, demand, and future potential.

MVP startup programmer for hire

Operating within a budget is always at the forefront when it comes to running a business, and this is especially rue for startups, who are often intent on succeeding with only lean capital or limited investor interest. In early pre-launch stages, it may be tempting for entrepreneurs to try and limit costs by either skipping the investment in MVP, or eliciting a freelance single hire MVP startup developer. Whilst hiring a freelancer may at first seem like an effective and affordable strategy, it can have unintended consequences.

Freelancers Vs Moravio Dedicated Team:

Freelancers Moravio Dedicated Team
Single skill set. As many skills sets as required.
Works on multiple projects. Dedicated to a singular project.
Unvetted through traditional employment channels. Recruited via Moravio's intensive selection process.
Years of industry experience unverified Guaranteed portfolio of successfully delivered projects available
Cannot guarantee a full MVP service End-to-end full cycle MVP deployment
Unlikely to want to commit to a long-term project Interest in long-term client collaboration
Vulnerability to idea theft Protection against idea theft
Costs highly variable Transparent costing and competitive bundling packages

Bespoke MVP development company

For over ten years, Moravio has been providing digital solutions for innovative and high-quality web and mobile applications to customers across a wide sphere of industries, company sizes, and structures. When in 2020 we decided we wanted to expand our offerings even more, Moravio pivoted to a remote-first model. This gives us the possibility of having MVP software development agencies in every country across the globe. Our remote teams thrive on challenges, maintaining close interdepartmental connection. The Moravio ecosystem of talented developers, designers, project managers, and QAs, shares in a work ethic ignited by a passion for development, and governed by principles of co-operation, solution-oriented delivery, and futuristic vision. We're so good at what we do because we exist where you, our customers are. We do our best work in the digital realm, and our focus on your future success is why we often recommend MVP development services to prospective clients.

Startup MVP development service

Benefits of MVP for startups:

  • Reduced developmental cost through the inclusion of essential features only. One of the primary benefits of embracing the MVP approach is the significant reduction in developmental costs. By focusing on essential features only, you can allocate resources efficiently. This streamlined development process ensures that your budget is used effectively, preventing unnecessary expenditures.

  • Quicker time to market when embracing an agile iterative process Time is of the essence in the startup world. The MVP methodology, with its agile iterative process, accelerates your journey to market. By releasing a functional prototype early on, you can start collecting valuable user feedback, refining your product in real-time, and staying ahead of your competitors.

  • Reduces reliance on internal staff to perform outside of their areas of expertise. Startups often have limited resources, and expecting your internal team to cover every aspect of development may not be feasible. MVP development services allow you to leverage external expertise, reducing the burden on your in-house staff. This specialization ensures that tasks are handled by professionals with the right skills, leading to a more efficient development process.

  • Ability to arouse investor interest and buy-in at n early stage. Investor interest can make or break a startup. An MVP provides a tangible proof of concept that can captivate potential investors. By showcasing your product's core functionality and user engagement, you increase the likelihood of securing the funding needed to scale your business.

  • Allows for testing on concepts in a virtual market environment. Before committing substantial resources to a full-scale product launch, the MVP enables you to test your concepts in a controlled, virtual market environment. This testing phase provides critical insights into user behavior, preferences, and market demand, guiding your product's future development.

  • Identifies the level of user interest in your product. Understanding user interest is pivotal. An MVP allows you to gauge user engagement and interest in your product. By monitoring user interactions and feedback, you can make data-driven decisions to enhance your product's appeal.

  • Provides opportunity to finesse UX prior to release. User experience (UX) is a key driver of success. The MVP stage provides an opportunity to fine-tune your product's user interface and overall user experience based on real user feedback. This ensures that your final product is user-friendly and meets the needs of your target audience.

  • Rigorous testing of a product's commercial viability Commercial viability is the ultimate goal for startups. MVP testing helps you assess whether your product has the potential to succeed in the market. The data collected during this phase enables you to make informed decisions about your product's future development and market strategy.

  • Sparks Inspiration for Affiliate Products

The MVP process often uncovers opportunities for complementary or affiliate products. As you engage with your initial user base, you may discover unmet needs or potential areas for expansion. These insights can spark inspiration for additional products or services, diversifying your startup's offerings.

MVP Agile Development: Streamlining Innovation for Startups

The lean startup model advocates the efficiency of startup MVP development. In fact, analysis of technology innovation management analysis of technology innovation management concludes that MVP is in fact the lean startup model's highest-yield feature. Startup entrepreneurs often have limited resources, and new technology to commercialize, and thus will need to bring their product to market quickly and with minimal cost. MVP development for tech startups, as provided by Moravio, focuses on developing a version of the product that validates its original idea, and identifies and tests its core features, When deploying your product for consumer testing, Moravio focuses on early adopters of the idea, benefiting from their tendency towards generous critique and feedback. The process needs to be intensive enough to test all assumptions about a product's benefits, functionality, and scaling potential. It also needs to be rigorous in its inclusion of essential features, and its exclusion of extraneous, costly, or unwanted properties.

Efficiency Through MVP Agile Development

While the lean startup model underscores the importance of MVP development, it's crucial to delve further into why Agile methodology specifically complements this approach.

Agile's Iterative Approach: Agile methodology offers an iterative approach that seamlessly aligns with MVP development. This iterative nature allows for the gradual evolution of the product, perfect for fine-tuning the MVP based on user feedback.

Flexibility in Project Management: Agile thrives on flexibility. Startups often find themselves in rapidly changing environments, and Agile's adaptability is a boon. It empowers teams to respond swiftly to shifting requirements and market dynamics, ensuring the MVP remains relevant.

Continuous Customer Collaboration: Agile champions continuous customer collaboration, a cornerstone of MVP success. In MVP development, involving early adopters and users is paramount. Agile's customer-centricity ensures that user feedback is not just collected but actively integrated into product development.

Frequent Testing and Validation: Frequent testing is pivotal in MVP development. Agile's framework facilitates regular product testing and validation, ensuring that the core features meet user needs and align with the initial concept.

Risk Mitigation: For startups, managing risk is paramount. Agile's short development cycles and constant evaluation reduce the risk associated with MVP projects. It allows startups to pivot quickly if necessary, reducing the risk of investing heavily in a product that may not gain traction.

In summary, the synergy between MVP development and Agile methodology offers startups a powerful combination. It enables them to validate ideas, adapt to change, incorporate user feedback, and efficiently deliver value to their target audience while navigating resource constraints. This partnership is a recipe for success in the fast-paced world of technology entrepreneurship.

Successful startup MVP

At Moravio, our startup MVP development service is designed to save you in the short term by creating a minimum viable product that you an launch rapidly and cost-effectively, By deploying only the core features of a product, Moravio enables you to establish the scope for further development options that can be implemented once your product has been tested at market. Moravio understands that the entrepreneurial spirit is often guided as much by the heart, as it is by the head. While there is no creation without passion, the risk of launching a product that hasn't not been subjected to startup MVO development scrutiny, can cost you more than your great ideas. Proceeding with a product which lacks market demand or user enthusiasm will almost certainly lead to startup failure. Avoid this very common startup pitfall by engaging Moravio's MVP software development services.

Our highly skilled teams have been involved in the production of hundreds of successful MVPs, structuring the process around:

  • product hypothesis testing;
  • accelerated market demand analysis;
  • enhanced usability review;
  • cost-effective production terms;
  • future development scope;
  • fluent integrated marketing strategy;
  • competition analysis.

MVP development FAQs

If an MVP identifies many of our product's features as non-essential for a first iteration, does that mean we should discard them entirely?

No, not at all. The idea behind an MVP is that you launch with a product with only the necessary features. Additional features are often tested and withheld for future product releases and form part of the monetization strategy behind your product. Produce for less in the initial stages, and then rework and add additional features according to user response and market demand.

Can we hire Moravio MVP developers to coordinate with our internal IT department on the testing of a product?

Yes, absolutely. Moravio offers a personalized service with a team that scales to your needs. Collaboration is at the very core of everything we do, and if you'd like us to co-create an MVP with your in-house team, we're always happy to help.

Our firm is considering hiring Moravio, how can we get a feel for the kinds of projects you do?

Why not visit our online portfolio of completed works, which showcases the wide diversity of projects that our dedicated teams have produced. Browsing through this section will help you to get an understanding of the huge selection of technologies, methodologies, and techniques, that Moravio staff excel at.

I understand that Moravio's workforce is remote, how can your different roles communicate effectively with one another?

At Moravio, our global team are experts in the realm of virtual communication. Our teams use the messenger app Slack, along with conferencing calls, to touch base on every aspect of a project's process. As we embrace an agile development process, communication between different team members is constant and essential.

The tech industry is in continual flux, with its rapid evolution giving rise to changes in consumer demands and expectations. Moravio's MVP development company is the support team for your startup's great ideas. Our professional teams of developers, project managers, and QAs, will devise a customized plan to verify the viability of your concepts, engineer their scalability through careful feature selection processes, and equip you with a solution-worthy MVP with which to launch your brand. Don't add lengthy and costly delays to your entrepreneurial endeavors, start an MVP solution with Moravio today.


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