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On the East Coast, no other city than New York holds the power of technology. There are located the most significant companies of every industry, and the number of them keeps increasing, which is affecting the demand in the IT sphere. Following the challenges our world has faced recently, companies that can present teams of dedicated developers in New York have become the perfect option. Moravio is not a novice to the market; over the last decade, it has presented itself as a company with a strong vision and determination to expand. After building its solid reputation in Europe, its dedicated teams continued their professional path in New York.

Over the recent years, NYC's tech scene has grown remarkably. It includes startups, famous industry giants, and every kind of the company that can stand in between. With Silicon Alley in its very heart with every renowned and not-so-much name on the high-tech list, this area is the right place for all technology-driven businesses.

Internationally notable giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have established their presence in the city, attracted to the enormous potential of its talent pool, venture capital potential, and client base. These giants have not only contributed, but pushed forward numerous technologies and then given opportunities for other industries and companies, projects, and startups to employ it.

The Role of Dedicated Developers

Since the very beginning, Moravio has put a lot of effort into forming dedicated teams and making it one of the primal types of operation. It's widely known, that dedicated developers are required to work exclusively on a project for an extended period of time, balancing between part-time and full-time.

Hiring our team of developers means bringing in the competence you need and a set of skills, that will help your company go through the complex software development, and achieve results you want.

The role of dedicated developers cannot be overrated in terms of the current level of business plans and companies that require fast and effective solutions.

Except for the mentioned advantages, flexibility also can be defined as an important benefit. Surely, many companies including yours, are scaling their developing teams up and down according to the business goals and project requirements, mainly to control the costs associated with keeping large in-house teams. Therefore the ability of Moravio teams to adapt can be valuable whether it's a small project, startup, or a big company looking for results with lower development costs.

Finding the Right Team

Moravio operates worldwide, aiming to work with solid clients and exciting projects, leveling up its skills. Right now the market of dedicated developers in New York is ready to provide a wide range of services, adjusting to the needs of a particular business or industry. Our company has defined several directions, placing a great emphasis on AI and ML technologies.

The list of Moravio services includes custom software, web, and mobile application development, QA, UI/UX design, DevOps, Product research, Product design and development, Tech due diligence, etc.

Whether you come with a comprehensive understanding and expectations of how your product should be developed or without it, dedicated developers at Moravio have all the necessary set of skills to deliver the best results.

Possible Challenges

Naturally, bringing new members or a whole team comes with certain challenges, and we want you to anticipate it. Main problems usually appear with time zone differences, language, and cultural or communication issues. And here are several pieces of advice Moravio can share from their experience.

Clear and open communication is important in resolving almost all kinds of problems in a working environment. That's why establishing a clear and comfortable working communication channel, regular calls, and a clear list of requirements can help avoid further setbacks. The figure of the experienced project manager and the proper methodology can speed up the onboarding process and keep the development process on track.

Once the problem has been addressed and miscommunication resolved, the right team will always deliver the expected results. Moravio tirelessly works on setting their score of success stories as a team of dedicated developers in NYC. We are about to impress not with the numbers, but the quality of our work and the scale of our partners.

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Achievements in the NYC market

As a potential client, you might understand that selecting the right team is as vital as any other business decision. Of course, such factors as field of expertise, experience, hard and soft skills, and even communication workflow can affect the whole outcome. Some turn to agencies to find a reputable team, but some take this process into their own hands.

We offer you to check our case studies, which include several different projects made for a global real estate company, JLL. Saying a few words about it, we want to mention the application Portscape, which is used to manage and track a whole portfolio of properties and leases. It helped significantly simplify the data tracking, reduce the workload, and improve the overall efficiency of employees. Another important client was CENTRL, a company that takes the lead in risk and compliance technology. Their inquiry was to create a technical design for the website along with several microsites, using the HUGO framework. There were several obstacles that needed to be overcome by the Moravio team, and they successfully managed it.

Choosing Moravio

The number of benefits mentioned above makes a team of dedicated developers at Moravio a reliable and trustworthy partner. Take your time by checking our portfolio for relatable examples of completed cases, our experts are ready to consult you with any question. Employing effectively their skills and knowledge, you can bring your company's project to life, navigate new approaches in its development, and overcome the challenges. The result of this productive work will let your business only strengthen its position.

Dedicated developers at Moravio are eager to take on new projects and accompanying challenges. As technology evolves and businesses keep applying its power, it's better to have the best team of developers ready to follow these dynamic changes.

Q1. What experience Moravio has in the NYC market:

Answer: Dedicated developers at Moravio have successfully completed several projects for JLL, CENTRL, and VCPR.ORG. More info can be found in the Portfolio.

Q2. What kind of services Moravio is able to provide?

Answer: Moravio provides the following services: custom software, web, and mobile application development, QA, UI/UX design, DevOps, Product research, Product design and development, Tech due diligence, and more.

Q3. Why is the team of dedicated developers cost-efficient?

Answer: Dedicated developers allow business owners to hire the team according to the project needs, avoiding the high costs of maintaining a large in-house team.

Q4. Are there any challenges in working with the dedicated team?

Answer: Due to the time zone differences, probable language or miscommunication may appear some issues. The best way to deal with any difficulties is to clearly address the problem and rely on the experienced manager.

Q5. What are the newest technologies dedicated developers at Moravio are applying?

Answer: The team of dedicated developers at Moravio specializes in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies.

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