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At Moravio, we're proud to have a vibrant presence in the dynamic city of Barcelona. Our local office is not just a hub for our innovative digital solutions but also serves as a meeting point for our skilled engineers and project managers. Barcelona's incredible energy fuels our drive to achieve excellence in web and mobile application development. We strive to simplify complexity, with a strong focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence (BI), following our mantra to keep things uncomplicated, pragmatic, and to improve continuously. To see us in action or discuss your digital needs, book a visit to our Barcelona office.

Our clients in Barcelona and the broader region have quickly come to appreciate the seamless integration and collaboration that Moravio brings to the table. Whether integrating with existing teams or offering standalone support, our 50+ professionals ensure that every project is handled with utmost care and expertise. Clients like "[Client Name]" have applauded our ability to deliver custom-tailored digital solutions that drive their business forward, making us a leader in the local tech scene. Join the cohort of satisfied partners by reaching out to us and let's explore transformative digital strategies together.

At Moravio, our Barcelona office is not just a workspace, it's an oasis of creativity and innovation. Imagine discussing your next big project over a cup of great coffee in our beautifully designed office, complete with amenities such as a bar, gym, and even a swimming pool to ensure an enjoyable and relaxing work environment. It's this blend of work and wellness that encourages our team to shoot for the stars, delivering top-notch digital services. Step into our world by visiting us in Barcelona – a city that inspires us to be the best in the tech industry. To get started, check out our offerings and set up a meeting with us at

Barcelona / Spain

Barcelona / Spain

The Social Hub C/ de Cristóbal de Moura, 49, 08019 Barcelona

Lukáš Greň

Lukáš Greň

Owner / CEO

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Mobile World Congress 2024 Barcelona

Mobile World Congress 2024 Barcelona



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