Web Design

Information, dates and goals are the basic building blocks. We compose individual parts of the future website from them. In several iterations of the design, we will fine-tune everything together so that the result perfectly meets your needs.

We are interested in your business, customers and goals

We will penetrate your business, we want to understand how you work and what products / services you offer. We are interested in the available data and we are looking for connections with your customers. We identify and define the goals of your website.

Research and discovery

We will focus on the field of your business, do market research, analyze the needs and behavior of your target group.

Prototypy a lazení

Aby bylo vše lépe představitelné, tvoříme prototypy tzv. wireframe. Navrhneme informační architekturu, poté rozložení obsahu na webu (Low fidelity wireframe) a následně sestavíme funkční prototyp webu bez grafiky, ale s jasně definovaným obsahem, prvky a funkcemi (High fidelity wireframe). Vše iterujeme a postupně ladíme.

Prototypes and optimizations

To make everything more imaginable, we create prototypes (wireframes). We will design an information architecture, then the distribution of content on the websites (Low fidelity wireframe) and then build a functional prototype of the website without graphics, but with clearly defined content, elements and functions (High fidelity wireframe). We iterate everything and gradually tune it.

Stunning graphic design

Creating a custom website also means creating a custom graphic design. Attractive, but above all user-friendly design is a matter of course. A design that will harmonize with your brand.


We will code functions and graphic design, test and launch websites. More about web development.

Related Case Studies

Projects that might be interesting for you.

Dolní Vítkovice Website Redesign

Complete redesign of the website presentation of a world-unique complex in the heart of Europe Dolní Vítkovice.

Hiring Website

For Hyunday Dymos, we designed and manufactured a website dedicated to the recruitment of new employees.

Portal For Investors

Collaboration that tastes good. We took over and improved the web presentation for Kofola investors.

Portal for 12 sport centers

We created a complete web presentation for SAREZA. Fun and sports for your whole family.

Warehouse Dashboard

We started the joint partnership with the order tracking system.

Company Website and Microsites

An international leader in providing a platform for managing safety regulations and risk management for companies.

Web portals with specialization

We have created multiple portals for different areas of client's interest.

Janáček philharmonic Ostrava

New web presentation

We created a new web presentation for the Janáček philharmonic Ostrava with a connection to the reservation system for tickets purchasing.

6 microsites

In 2013, together with Xerox, we created a total of 6 micro sites thematically focused on supporting the company and its products.

Website cultural center

We have created a new, fresh website presentation for the Kultuní centrum Cooltour, which reflects the meaning and goals of the entire organization.

Extravagant web presentation

In cooperation with the Najbrt studio, we created an extravagant web presentation of the Žďár castle.

Changes on existing site

In 2013, 2014, in cooperation with the McCann agency, we made adjustments to the Sunar website - Sunar.cz and also created microsites for company competitions for customers.

Company website and 3D animation of printing technology

We created a new web presentation for FINIDR. Interesting in this cooperation was creation of a 3D web animation of company's production line.

Career website

We created a career website and campaign website for the largest northern European IT company Tieto (now Tieto Evry).

Veolia - Portfolio of the Veolia websites

We have created a portfolio of sites and a public procurement management system for Veolia

Dynamic web presentation

Walmark is the largest independent Consumer Healthcare company in Central and Eastern Europe.

Complete development and marketing services

Bushman - outdoor clothing designed for women and men who love freedom and travel, exploration and adventure.

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