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Software quality assurance (also known as "QA" or "software testing" ) is crucial part of the modern software development today.

It can be explained as the continuous testing of the developed software. QA is here to ensure quality of software products or services.

It is not just about finding problems, but also about preventing them, proposing solutions and providing feedback to stakeholders.

Software testing involves a number of disciplines - from requirements analysis through testing itself to writing automated tests.

Among other things, automated quality assurance tests are very helpful in detecting bugs that a normal person can no longer figure out (usually, for example, the context and continuity of different systems).

We Offer Our Services in Software Testing

Test planning

Testing starts long before first line of code is written. Do you need to create test plan for a Project or define Test stratege for whole company? We are here to help you describing the scope, approach, resources and schedule of intended test activities.

Manual testing

We perform manual tests at any stage of development and at any level - Integration, System, Acceptance. With each client, we always try to come up with a suitable set of all tests needed to guarantee the quality of the given software.

Automation testing

Once tests are written the best approach is to automate them to save time and resources. We are here to choose the best approach for automation testing on any level. We offer GUI automated tests (In selenium or Cypress), Backend or API automated tests (Postman, ReadyAPI).

Non-function testing

We can also test non-fuction requirements on software such as performance or security. Do you need to simulate thousands of people using your sotware or does your software need to meet security standards such as ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002? We have specialists in non-functional testing that can do that for you.

Outsource your software testing (QA) to us

In addition to software testing within entire projects, we can also offer a QA (software testing) outsourcing service. We can offer you individual QA analysts or entire managed QA teams.

Full-Cycle Development Process

We can provide the full-cycle development process from A to Z and guide you through all project phases such as requirements specification, product design, UX/UI, graphic design, implementation, QA and deployment.

Leading-Edge Tech Stack

We use leading-edge technologies and tools that allow us to create secure, fast and robust web and mobile applications. We will always find the best custom solution for each project.

Agile Iterative Development

We strongly believe in agile iterative development. We release a new version every two weeks, so we can respond to user's feedback and needs much faster. This approach reduces time to market significantly and overall boosts user satisfaction.

What Our Clients Tell About Us

Moravio team is my "cup of tea". They are great partners I can count on at any time. With its professionalism, quick reactions and great teamwork, the web design project became a pleasant part of my day, where overcoming challenges was a joy. Our several months of cooperation have been very intense and I really appreciate the mutual understanding and partnership approach that was essential for me. Thanks a lot to everyone, you are the people in the right place. 5/5

Kristýna Wasylkiwová

Moravio's involvement brought a concrete project execution to the project. Their expansive internal team commended the vendor for its dedication towards their company's needs. In the end, there were significantly fewer emails and phone calls thanks to FAQs inserted into the website. 4.5/5

Martin Lindovský

For the main project, the client relayed positive feedback. Moravio helped deliver the project on time, being an efficient resource. Their agile approach made the cooperation seamless. 5/5

Matěj Kapošváry

Thanks to Moravio's work, 100% year-on-year site traffic growth was achieved. The team communicated effectively through meetings and emails. Their designs were outstanding and they were great to work with. 5/5

Zachary Jarvinen

Moravio provided an effective workflow and they met the pre-established deadlines. After the project, the client decided to continue to expand their cooperation with the team. 5/5

Peter Huszár

Thanks to Moravio's efforts, the client was satisfied with the new website. The site looked clean and modern and maintained its cultural aspect. Serving as testament was the significant increase in page visits. Moravio's workflow was also commended by the client as it ensured all deadlines were met. 4.5/5

Hana Chytrá

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