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We'll provide a clear blueprint of a product's features and boundaries, ensuring aligned expectations, efficient resource utilization, and focused development towards the envisioned outcome. Crafting a detailed roadmap that transforms your vision into a tangible, actionable plan.

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How do we work

We are starting every project with a Product Scoping.

Starting each project, our first step is always Product Scoping. This phase ensures we're not just jumping into development but building a strong foundation for the product's success. It's like laying out a map before embarking on a journey.

Before reaching this stage, we would have completed a comprehensive 'Research and Discovery' phase to gain insights into the business landscape, user needs, and market demands. Now, with Product Scoping, we convert those insights into a structured plan, ensuring the development aligns perfectly with your vision.

We work together with each client on understanding:

  • What kind of product are we building:

    • Desktop app/ Mobile app
    • Company website
    • Custom internal information system
    • eCommerse or marketplace platform
    • Various other platforms
  • Who is the target group?

    • Internal employee
    • Other business
    • End consumer
  • What problem will we solve? This is about identifying the pain points your product aims to address, ensuring its relevance and value in the market.

  • What is the added value of this product? Beyond basic functionalities, we aim to discern what makes your product unique and indispensable to users.

  • Which market we will be focusing on? We'll identify whether it's local, regional, national, or global, ensuring strategies align with the intended audience.

  • Who is the competition? Recognizing competitors helps in positioning the product strategically, ensuring it stands out.

  • What are the business goals customer plan to achieve? Whether it's brand awareness, user engagement, or revenue growth, defining these goals directs the product's trajectory.

  • What are the core functionalities the product has to have? This is about the essential features without which the product won't serve its primary purpose.

  • How its going to be generating income? What is the pricing strategy?

    • One time payment
    • Subscription-based pricing model
      • Freemium
      • Fix/Flat rate model
      • Features/Tiered pricing model (standard, professional, advanced)
      • Per unit/user model
      • Usage model
      • Open source (free with paid services)
      • Advertising
      • Broker fee (AirBnB)

By thoroughly addressing these facets, we ensure a holistic understanding of the product, paving the way for successful design and development phases.

Our Approach for Product Scoping

Step 1: Feature Definition

At this stage, we list and detail out all the individual features the product will have. This is a comprehensive breakdown, ensuring every aspect of the product is considered.

Step 2: Boundaries Establishment

Understanding the limits is as important as understanding capabilities. Here, we outline what the product won’t do, preventing scope creep and ensuring focused development.

Step 3: User Stories and Use Cases

By creating user stories and use cases, we put the user at the center of our scope. This ensures that every feature and boundary decided upon serves the user’s needs and enhances their experience.

Step 4: Dependencies and Constraints

Every product operates within certain constraints, be it technical, business-related, or market-driven. We identify these to ensure the product vision is achievable and realistic.

Step 5: Prioritization

Not all features are created equal. We prioritize features based on their impact, importance to the user, and alignment with business goals, ensuring the most critical elements are tackled first.

Step 6: Documentation

A clear, detailed, and accessible document is created that captures the product scope. This becomes a point of reference for all stakeholders throughout the development process, ensuring everyone stays aligned.

Product Scoping: Merging Research with Definition

For us, the journey of product scoping is not just about defining boundaries but also about understanding the very essence of what we're building. It's a two-fold approach:

Research and Discovery: Before we even think about specific features or technicalities, we dive deep to understand the problem space, the user, the market, and any business or technical constraints. This isn't just about gathering data but about truly understanding the heart of what's needed — the "why" behind the product.

Scope Definition: With a solid understanding in place, we then move to define the exact parameters of the product. This involves detailing features, establishing boundaries, prioritizing functionalities, and ensuring every stakeholder has a clear vision of the end product.

By integrating both research and scope definition under the same phase, we ensure that every product not only meets its defined requirements but is rooted in a deep understanding of the user and the market. This, we believe, is the path to creating truly impactful products.

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