Product Development

Have an idea but don’t know where to start? We will help you to define the product and its key features.Then we will identify the minimum viable product, or the essential elements that must be included in the initial version of the product.

Product Development

How to start?

Let's have a chat with us. Explain us the problem what will your product solve, features you have in mind and your expectation about timeline & budget. It's also ok to not have clear idea of scope we can help with clarifying it. We work based on Time & Material contracts, that means will provide you information about what we think can be build, how much resources are needed and aproximate price & timescale.

Once we agree on our way of cooperation and sing the contract we will start the project and introduce you the team.

Why You Should Choose The Product Development Service

Big picture & Responsibilities

We’ll help with market research, monetization, and competitor analyses and choose the best architecture and technologal fit to your product.

Business Focus

The focus of your internal team should be on business-related tasks.

End to End Delivery

We’ll take care of your project from Product Scope to Launch. And help with growth.

Deep Expertise

We have experience with various types of applications. And we can easily adapt to new technology in short terms.

Considering a project?

Even if you aren't quite ready, get an estimate.

How do we work

After we fully understand what are we building we choose technology and suggest the Architecture & Infrastructure for the product. Based on all these informations we are able to see the rough scope and costs of the project. Once we how what are we building we are able to plan the size of the team, approximate amount of sprints and can start creating Roadmap & Backlog. Designing team with a client is focused on specifying features of the product by creating designs, wireframes, user stories, acceptation criterias). We call this phase Product design & Discovery. They are making sure that the development teams know exactly what to build before they start working on it. If the features are big and we are building something unique we usually do a prototype or a testing feasibility of the feature before we start implementing it.

Development team is focusing on implementing the features and making sure the acceptance criteria are met. We are also making sure about quality assurance. Developers are usually writing automation tests and where it’s not possible do also manual testing.

When you should choose the Product Development Service

It is important for you to establish a clear timeline and track progress.

Managing features is a crucial aspect of your business.

You are looking for a reliable partner to share responsibilities with.

You require specialized expertise from external sources.

Got a project in mind? Tell us about it.

We help startups, IT companies and corporations with digital products.

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Jakub Bílý

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