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At Moravio, we are often asked similar questions by clients or other partners and colleagues. We have therefore decided to create this list of frequently asked questions, which we are gradually adding new questions to. We hope that the answers below may shed some light on some of your questions.

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1. Where are your development centers located?

Moravio has been a fully remote company since 2020. Our team consists of professionals from several European countries. However, because we were originally founded as a company in the Czech Republic, we still have the most hubs to meet us here in the Czech Republic (Prague, Ostrava, Brno). We can also meet you in Spain (Barcelona) and few other locations.

2. How does the communication work when the customer is abroad or overseas?

We communicate primarily online using video calls, email, the Slack platform and other specific tools based on the project requirements. If necessary, we are always ready to meet the customer in person anywhere around the world.

3. How do you guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of our communications and product development?

There are couple of steps to ensure absolute privacy and confidentiality:

  • We always sign an NDA with you, no matter the size of the project,
  • our employees are regularly trained in information security,
  • we have very strict access rights policy to different parts of our system + 2FA authentication,
  • all of our hardware and online communication is encrypted,
  • where necessary, we use a VPN tunnels.

4. How do you work?

We use Agile methodology, specifically Scrum and run in two-week sprint cycles. The type of cooperation is Time&Material. Our development includes QA, code-reviews, CI/CD, and everything else which is needed for modern development. If you want to read about it in more detail, please, visit this page How We Work.

5. Do you provide system documentation?

This depends case by case. We develop in such a way that the source code is readable and clean. Additionally, we also write automated tests that serve as a form of documentation. Where it's really needed, we write traditional documentation. We are also used to write API documentation or user documentation for the users of your project.

6. How do you guarantee the quality of your product?

We have an experienced team of developers with past experience from EU, UK and US projects. We have designed and engineered complex systems to manage large amounts of data, inputs/outputs, etc. and have also created IT projects for various industries. Our development includes everything modern development should, like manual + automated testing, code-review, CI/CD, containerized environments etc. If you want to read about it in more detail, please, visit this page.

Thanks to agile approach, we always focus on small chunks of the whole project and deliver value sprint by sprint. Our communication with you is very flexible, factual and focused on values for your business.

7. I want to be involved in the development process. Is that a problem?

No, quite the opposite. We always welcome and actually required the client's time devoted to the project. The agile way of software development directly encourages it.

8. How do you handle customer requirements for change?

Requests for change are highly appreciated. One of the perks of using Agile methodology is frequent communication with the client. In today's fast paced business environment, this is to be expected. We develop in two-weeks sprint cycles, which include time for the customer to express requests for change.

9. What industries are your clients from?

We are very proud to be "industry agnostic". Our strength lies in experience from different areas such as Fin-tech, Automotive, E-commerce, Heavy Industry, Real Estate, Logistics, Human Resources and much more. Thanks to all this experience we are able to understand the market as a whole and combine both Business and Software development knowledge and values together to create the best possible project.

10. Why should I choose Moravio?

We are business focused. We communicate honestly and openly. We have cooperated with interesting and successful clients from the EU, UK and USA a delivered a lot of projects. Our experience in various fields is an added value to the development and business value.

We're not trying to have hundreds of customers. On the contrary, we have a few large customers that we can devote maximum attention to and help them in their business.

We have been on the market for over 11 years and still have quite a big plans for the future. Here is a link to the worldwide Clutch platform, where you can read how our clients rate us.

11. What technologies do you use in software development (and why?)

If we can choose, our main technological stack is based on JavaScript, that usually means TypeScript, Node.js and React / React Native. We are also skilled in Vue.js and Angular. We also use a lot of Python and C# and have experience with a lot of different technologies like Machine Learning, AI, DialogFlow, Kafka, ElasticSearch, Amlify, Severless. For a full picture about the technologies we use, please, have a look here.

12. How long does it take to start developing my project?

Each project is specific. Sometimes we are able to start the development within a month, another time it takes 6 months. It all depends on many factors like:

  • How well is the project described
  • size and complexity
  • number of needed capacities
  • deadlines etc.

We highly encourage you to contact us so we can provide you with the estimate.

13. Should I have a mobile or a web application?

That depends on the individual business case (especially on who your customer is and what is the purpose of your application and value for your customer). In recent years, the complexity of mobile application development has increased. In addition, it is no longer the case that every software / web service needs its mobile application. We are always ready to guide you and share our opinion and experience with you.

14. What is MVP and why should we want it?

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a software product that contains those functionalities that are absolutely necessary for solving the problem, for which the software was developed. It is a basic (sometimes final) version that is usually usable for customers or serves as a demo for your investors.

With MVP you and your end users can test the usefulness of the product and see if your business is viable. This approach can save quite a lot of time and money and get your project to market much faster.

15. How long will it take to develop my product?

This is something we cannot answer. We will always provide rough cost estimates for the features you want to have implemented, based on the information you give us. If there is a deadline, we try (together with you) to adjust the scope of work in Backlog required to create MVP (minimum viable product). We always prioritize based on your needs and business value.

16. Are you able to double the number of developers on the project?

Yes. We will need some time to do so, but due to the frequent communication with you, the client, through regular planning and sprint cycles, we can estimate the future course of the project in advance and advice you to increase the number of developers.

17. Can we use our own designer?

Yes. This is not a problem and we are used to it. However, to ensure that we don't end up with a design which is time consuming or hard to implement, we appreciate to be included in the design process. We do this primarily to protect you, our client, from extra costs of implementing unnecessarily complicated design.

18. In addition to software development, what other services do you offer?

Our main focus is the development of custom web and mobile applications. As part of the development, we have software developers, QA testers, project and product Managers, UI and UX experts, DevOps and other roles. We are also interested in different areas, such as Metaverse, NFT, IoT, Cryptocurrencies, Smart home tech, etc.

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