Livestreaming and Video Conferencing Development

Livestreaming and Video Conferencing Development

Live streaming app development

Almost everyone on the internet is using it to watch live content at some stage, with near to 93% of internet users worldwide tuning into video in a recent quarterly period. Live and streamed video content, most commonly associated with entertainment streaming platforms, is also used in the broadcast of live performances and concerts, and in online gaming. In the communication realm, video streaming app development has sparked a proliferation of video conferencing platforms and tools, which have widespread use across many diverse industries for educative, advertorial, social, and marketing purposes. Meanwhile, in the world of online advertising, massive global IT investment in digital video development, which is expected to reach 134.5 billion by 2026, is indicative of the modality's strong user appeal, and the ways in which video and audio streaming enhance and scale a digital application, reaching out to an ever-widening and captive audience. Moravio live streaming app development division provides expert and futuristic video streaming service development to clients for a broad spectrum of live motion and video stream projects.


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Moravio video streaming app development

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Develop live streaming app

With live streaming now ubiquitous across a range of platforms and utilized to express an ever wider range of creative intentions, the decision to engage live streaming app development services is more than likely a present or future concern for most companies wanting to scale their enterprises. The versatility to build a live streaming app for a multitude of purposes extends to the enhancement of social networking sites, the animation of product or service websites, and the elevation of content-driven entertainment or journalism portals. Moravio live streaming video production company caters to all these situations and more, with the delivery of high performance and feature packed video streaming app development services that integrate cloud processing solutions with creative design, to give today's expectant audiences a superior viewing experience.

Moravio video streaming app development services

Hire Moravio expertise to:

  • build an app with live streaming for multiple uses and purposes according to your company focus
  • develop a music-streaming android app to exploit this highly popular avenue of music consumption
  • develop audio streaming app solutions to offer users an amplified aural experience
  • video streaming website development custom designed for your current or revised site
  • scale your business with video streaming extensions featuring additional video and audio content
  • grow your target demographic by using video streaming to capture internet users in the under 24 age bracket who are high frequency video viewers
  • develop the voice and image of your brand or service further by using video streaming to explicate on what you do, provide free customer tutorials, or entertain

Video streaming app development company

Moravio international video streaming app development company is a remote first team of software development specialists that provides live streaming app creation services to clients from around the globe and across a vast array of industries and enterprises. It offers creative custom development solutions that respond to a client's individual video content and streaming requirements. Moravio scale remotely assembled project teams with a balanced approach, adjusting the size of a team and its roles at each stage, thus capitalizing on efficiency and affordability. With a managed stream option, a client can entrust the entire process to a Moravio development team, comprising of a project manager, developers, QA professionals, and any other design or engineering role required. In situations where a client has already engaged another provider for live streaming app development, which has either failed or is in need of further assistance, Moravio can contribute single hire developers to inject their expertise into a project to rescue or reignite it. Similarly, if a client has an internal IT staff that know some of how to build live streaming app projects but could benefit from additional support and expert attention, Moravio always welcomes any opportunity to co-create.

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Build a live streaming app

When a client selects Moravio live streaming app development company for live video streaming software development, they are choosing a trusted name in digital product delivery with over ten years of experience delivering hundreds of projects to a global clientele. Moravio live streaming app development specialists are representative of the finest tech talent whose skills have been regularly updated through direct industry involvement and collaboration on projects adapting and finessing the latest leading technologies of today and tomorrow. Consider this five star review from a valued fitness tech firm client with whom Moravio is engaged in an ongoing project. The brief was to build live streaming app platform services that include a class builder, dashboard, and stream manager. It was a complex and involved project, with the Moravio team applying a combination of Node.js, Angular, and AWS in the development process, and seamlessly integrating the Stripe APIs and a calendar function into the final product. Only a Moravio assembled team of industry.

Video streaming website development

Moravio managed stream project development represents an affordable and timely solution for how to develop a video streaming app from scratch. Moravio provides the opportunity for businesses to commence live video streaming app development today, without any need to add to a company's internal IT staff with costly developer hires. With an international team of more than fifty of the industry's highest competency developers, QA professionals, and project managers to draw from, Moravio will assemble a dedicated and scalable team to develop live streaming app projects that deliver on quality and affordability. With strong client communication a key focus for its teams, Moravio strives to keep client costs manageable by reducing overall project complexity and engaging in a consistently consultative and agile development process.

How to build a live streaming app

Successful video streaming mobile app development involves a series of carefully considered stages, and an iterative development approach whereby each step informs the following. If your business is ready to develop video streaming app functions as part of your online offerings, here are some of the key considerations that a Moravio video streaming app development company can help you to workshop, strategize, develop, and deploy.

  • Step 1 involves identifying your target audience, who will you build a live streaming mobile app for, and what do they want to see and hear? You can either attend your first meeting with Moravio with these ideas already drafted, or Moravio can engage in all the necessary search, discovery, and ideation on your behalf.
  • Step 2 is where you, the client, get to lay out all your requirements and goals for the project, including any monetization strategies or other key focus areas that need to be incorporated.
  • Step 3 is where Moravio designers and developers get to work choosing all the elements that will create the most robust, modern, and high functioning video streaming or video conferencing solution for you.
  • Step 4 is the development, and crucially the quality assurance stage, which work in tandem to arrive at the best possible end product for deployment.
  • Step 5 is where we you go live with your new applications whilst relying on Moravio for support, maintenance, and upgrades.

Moravio video streaming platform development FAQs

Our company would like to explore adding video streaming features to our existing applications, can Moravio assist?

Absolutely, Moravio video streaming app development teams are experienced with assisting clients to explore live streaming and video conferencing options that will bolster traffic and customer engagement. Moravio can create and add new video features to your existing online platforms and ensure seamless integration with any third party systems currently in use.

Does Moravio use specific technologies to develop video streaming app projects?

As a bespoke service that customizes to client demands, Moravio developers will select from the most innovative technologies, frameworks, players, and cloud infrastructures available. With techniques and technologies for how to develop mobile streaming app projects differing from those best suited to video conferencing app creation, the exact tech stack employed will always be individually crafted.

If we want to develop, and don't already have, a video conferencing platform, how will a remote working Moravio team keep in contact with us?

Moravio chooses Google Meet to maintain close communication with clients during all stages of a project's development. We'll keep you regularly updated with tasks as well as welcoming client input at any stage during the agile development process.


Book a meeting with Moravio's head of business Jakub, to discuss your company's ideas to build a live streaming mobile app, for video streaming website development, or for any other sound and motion related software development extension. Moravio is the first choice for video and audio powered streaming embellishments guaranteed to take your company into the future with a clear vision, high-definition style, and a superior customer UX.


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