Live Streaming and Broadcasting Software Development

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 Live Streaming and Broadcasting Software Development

Benefits of Developing Custom Live Streaming Software for Your Business


Custom software allows you to tailor your live streaming solution to your specific needs and requirements. You can create a solution that is optimized for your particular use case and includes the specific features and functionalities that you need.


With custom software, you can create a solution that can scale as your business grows. You can easily add new features and functionality to your solution as your needs change, and you can avoid the limitations that come with off-the-shelf software.


Custom software can be designed with security in mind from the outset, providing a more secure solution than off-the-shelf software that may have vulnerabilities or security flaws.


Custom software can be designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing technology infrastructure, allowing you to streamline your workflows and improve efficiency.

Competitive advantage

Custom software can give you a competitive advantage by allowing you to create a unique and innovative solution that sets you apart from your competitors.

Cost savings

While custom software may require a larger upfront investment, it can ultimately save you money in the long run by reducing your reliance on expensive off-the-shelf solutions that may not fully meet your needs.

Support and maintenance

With custom software, you have the advantage of dedicated support and maintenance services from the development team, which can help you resolve any issues that arise and keep your solution running smoothly.

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Unpacking Our Appeal to US and UK Businesses: Reasons for Choosing Our Development Services

Access to a Highly Skilled Talent Pool

Europe is known for having a highly skilled talent pool of IT professionals, including software developers with expertise in live streaming technologies. This expertise can be difficult to find in the US, making Europe an attractive option for businesses looking to build a team with specialized skills.

Cost Savings

The cost of hiring a outsourced team from Europe is significantly lower than hiring a team in the US or UK.

Quality of Work

European developers are known for producing high-quality work, with a strong attention to detail and a commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.

Time Zone Advantage

Europe has a time zone advantage over the US and UK, which means that there is a significant overlap in business hours. This can make it easier to collaborate and communicate with the development team in real-time.

Language and Cultural Compatibility

Our developers are fluent in English and have a similar cultural background to the US and UK, which is making communication and collaboration easier.

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What We Do

Custom Life Streaming Platform Development

We develop custom fully managed live-streaming workflows and apps adapted to diverse platforms, devices, players, and formats with UHD HDR video delivery to ensure the best OTT user experience.

Live Streaming Broadcast Integrations

Our experts help media companies add new features to existing platforms, integrate live-streaming technology and encoding software with broadcast automation systems, and migrate live stream linear channels to OTT platforms.

Low Latency Streaming Solutions

Our engineers deal with stream delays to provide the best quality experience via cloud processing solutions and powerful multi-CDN, as well as the best practices around performance engineering and adaptive bitrate streaming.

AI-Based Solutions

Andersen uses a range of AI tools for intelligent compression technologies, personalized content recommendations, live video scene analysis, real-time detection of illegal content, choosing the best places for ad integrations, and more.

Ad Integration

We help you test monetization strategies, implement DRM, and integrate ad server solutions to boost ad view value with Server Side and Dynamic Ad Insertions.

In-Depth Analytics

Our specialists provide tools to measure dozens of streaming metrics, monitor QoE/QoS, and implement features for object tracking, motion detection, and face and gesture recognition with the help of Machine Learning.

Check out our case study for Stardio - Live Fitness Platform, a client who trusted us to build their powerful streaming platform from scratch.

stardio-class-builder.jpg is an online platform for a live streaming of fitness classes. Trainers design lessons, invite an audience, and broadcast workouts live. Members can subscribe to the lessons of their choice.

At Moravio, we are committed to taking on complex and challenging software development projects and constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

We were excited to have the opportunity to work with Stardio, to develop a new application from scratch. Leveraging our extensive experience in custom software development, we were able to create a robust, scalable, and user-friendly solution that precisely met the client's specifications.

We invite you to learn more about our successful collaboration and the impressive results we delivered.

Click here to learn more.

Jonathan Tustain



We are amazed by the quality of the organizational skills.

Moravio has delivered the live video streaming platform, and it is exactly what the I wanted. They've successfully integrated the Stripe APIs and calendar function, which work well. Moreover, the vendor is detail-oriented, organized, and trustworthy. They also communicate well via Google Meet.

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Stardio - Live Fitness Platform is an online platform for a live streaming of fitness classes. Trainers design lessons, invite an audience and broadcast workouts live. Members can subscribe to the lessons of their choice.



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